Picture of Heatherette

Year of birth : 1999

Age: 16 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United StatesFashion label Richie Rich and Trevor Raines

Outrageous supply, unusual outfits, a combination of incongruous in organic ensembles - all this and much more brought the label `Heatherette` considerable fame. Over time, the label went bankrupt, but the memory of himself, he left quite bright.

Just translate the formula `trash and flash`,underlying stylistic label `Heatherette`, quite difficult ; describes the label, however, it is quite accurate - works Richie Rich and Trevor Raines simultaneously push their overall ` treshevoy` style and attract a strange harmony of the individual elements. The project `Heatherette` legendary (and enjoying a pretty sad fame) clubber Richie Rich and come at the time he beloved Trevor Rains started in 1999 ; I worked label in New York (New York City).

Richie Rich grew up in California (California); vdetstve he skated good - and later even took the 12-th place in the ranking of the national level. Later, Rich joined the project `Ice Capades`; while he traveled the world, and then settled in New York City (New York).

Childhood Trevor Raines have been in Montana (Montana); He, unlike his future team-mate, more attracted to the rodeo - and even managed to win more than 100 different competitions. Some time Rich attended college in Texas (Texas); Here he received a degree in economics and business, and then moved to New York. That way zde Rich and Rains crossed.In many ways, this label modern fashionistas obliged happy coincidence - one of buyers `Patricia Field` accidentally noticed on the top Reach unusual leather handmade. Buyer immediately recognized the potential creation of Rich and ordered him another 20 of the same isotopes. By the current moment of quality products `Heatherette` and extraordinary harmony inherent in the label style already appreciated by many. The label several times became the subject of editorial columns of a variety of magazines. One of the wild themselves show the label - which, incidentally ,was attended by Anna Nicole Smith (Anna Nicole Smith) and Boy George (Boy George) - even subsequently been described in the pages of documentary labor belver Glenn (Glenn Belverio) `Confessions from the Velvet Ropes`.

`Heatherette` ever take part in major events ` meynstrimovyh` - like Fashion Week in NewNew York (New York Fashion Week).

In favor label went familiarity with investors - representatives of `Weisfeld Group`; Soon customers attention was represented by youth line. After a while, `Heatherette` obratilvnimanie representatives ` higher sloev` fashion industry ; their approval allowed the companions to get to Bryant Park (Bryant Park).The Bryant Park Rich and Rains debuted with frankly foolish collections of `Star-Spangled Smiles` and ` Over the Rainbow`; clearly lightweight clothing format complements gathered designers team models - there were sisters Hilton (Hilton), Mena Suvari (Mena Suvari), Lydia Hearst (Lydia Hearst), Maya Harrison (Mya Marie Harrison),Kelis Rogers (Kelis Rogers) and a team of well-known New York drag queens.

Alas, only one shocking survival was not enough - with time and Rich Raines business began to deteriorate. Later companions lost foreign investment ; in the end they decided to leave the `Heatherette` and concentrate on independent projects.

March 20, 2008 the first world was presented to the joint project `Heatherette` and ` MAC Cosmetics`; it was called `Heatherette for MAC`. Actually cosmetics by packaging decorated with illustrations themselves Rains and Rich. For companies `Heatherette` and ` MAC Cosmetics` this joint project is the second in a row

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