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This American rock band owes talent sisters Anne (b. June 19, 1951, San Diego, USA) and Nancy Wilson (b. March 16, 1954, San Francisco, USA) . Anne in 1967, released a couple of singles on local label under the guise of "Ann Wilson And The Daybreaks".

After several unsuccessful attempts to build out their demos to some company she took her sister and went to Canada in search of the accompanying musicians. In Vancouver, they met bassist Steve Vossen (p. November 15, 1949) and guitarist Roger Fisher (b. February 14, 1950) . So formed "Heart" (variants of "Army" and "White Heart" were rejected) . Postoyannym drummer became Derouser Michael (b. August 24, 1951, Canada) . In 1976 on the label "Mushroom Records" released "Dreamboat Annie",but everyone`s attention was drawn to the team after the onset of the second single, "Crazy On You". The team`s success has been fixed with the release of the album "Little Queen" and the single "Barracuda", firmly entrenched in the American charts.

By the exit time "Dog And Butterfly" professional relationships in the group grew into a more intimate. Nancy Wilson twisted romance with Fisher, and her sister, Anne, took up with his brother, Mike.

HeartMayk Fischer, who took part in the formation of the group, became the unofficial manager "Heart". However, before the session, "Bebe Le Strange" to "Epic records" have been completed, the relationship Nancy with her partner soured and Roger Fisher left the team, Leaving the band without his guitar, by which is largely formed their sound. On tour guitar itself took Nancy and multi-instrumentalist Howard Fox (R.13 June 1953, Canada) , who later became a permanent member of "Heart". After recording "Private Audition" in 1983 and were about to leave Vossen Derouser. Their places were taken by Mark Ends (born February 19, 1948, Philadelphia, USA. Ex "Spirit") and Danny Karmassi (ex- "Montrose"). However, this change did not bring anything new to the band`s sound, which was confirmed by the disc "Passionworks". When the expired contract with "Epic", it seemed that the career of "Heart" is nearing its end. But the sisters managed to subscribe to the "Capitol Records" in 1985, has somewhat changed the image of the group and give the team a more rock sound. The album "Heart", released by the firm took the top spot in the US number. It was followed by hit singles "What About Love", "Never" and "These Dreams" (

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