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The sense of style, skvozyaschaya of every detail ,elitism coupled with decent practicality and flexibility - all this and more can be found in the clothes `Haute Hippie`. Through the efforts of the label creator Trish Veskot Pound `Haute Hippie` managed to win the hearts of thousands rather quickly fashionistas around the world.`Haute Hippie` - organic combination of a pronounced sense of style with absolutely incredible elegance. This combination has made the label something more than an ordinary clothing line, from the point of view of the label`s fans, `Haute Hippie` - rather a way to identify yourself, your lifestyle and way of thinking. The creator of the label - the American designer Trish Veskot Pound (Trish Wescoat Pound) - never concealed that it plans to create something as ` zhizneopredelyayuschee`.

In 1994, Trish Veskot Pound - a graduate of the University of Kansas (University of Kansas) - left Oklahoma (Oklahoma) and moved to New York City (New York); and there began her fashion career. Trish started her company `Calvin Klein`; thanks to her innate abilities rather quickly rose through the ranks and was able to take in the ranks of the company one of the leaders - the president of one of the women`s department. Over 7 years Trish led the development and improvement of women`s luxury collection. Subsequently, the designer moved to `Michael Kors`; in 2006 she participated in the procedure of rebranding `Laundry by Shell Segal` as president and artistic director, simultaneously occupying the position of director of marketing in the department of modern brands ` Liz Claiborne`.

In 2008th she created her own brand.

Launching the label ,Trish was going to give people the opportunity to get clothes that will be easy to put on, wear practical, in harmony with all ensembles and life situations and thus stands out due to the general harmony and non-standard combination of individual (often quite complex) parts. At the moment, the collection `Haute Hippie` sold worldwide ; the total coverage of the label is already of the order of 88 countries. More recently, the label`s first retail store opened in Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo, Japan). Of course, you can find a label products in large retail chains - `Bergdorf Goodman`,` Saks Fifth Avenue`, `Nordstrom` and ` Neiman Marcus`.

More than just the clothes on `Haute Hippie` valued for its easy bohemian aesthetics ; intricate details come together in a sufficiently complex ensembles - a unique, unforgettable and incredibly luxurious. At first glance, a rather eccentric outfits are perfect for any wardrobe, and, if necessary, can serve both for everyday useAs well as for special occasions.

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