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Birthday 06.2005

God Birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Citizenship : United States

Kawaii brand Gwen Stefani

Among the stars `Harfajuku Lovers` already love Teri Hatcher (Teri Hatcher), Lucy Liu (Lucy Liu), Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz), Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) and Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourn).The main buyers are young Gwen adventurous, cheerful, easy -going girl looking for colorful things, with colorful prints and comfortable brim.

`Harfajuku Lovers` - diffuse line brand ` L.A.M.B.`, based singer, actress and designer Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani) in June of 2005. Diffuse - meanslocated in the mid-market. Line `Harfajuku Lovers` during its existence has gained enough popularity to acquire the status of an individual in the minds of customers.

Known for its eclectic style, Stephanie calls itself `Harfajuku Lovers`` illustrious Mercantile gruppoy` ,more accessible to his fans and to the public. The line includes a wide variety of goods, including underwear, leather and glamorous accessories for girls, such as charms for mobile, headphones, nail file, mini mirror, mini tweezers, and so on. D. Clothing `Harfajuku Lovers` manufactured by `JerryLeigh`,and stationery - Company `Nakajima USA`.

History `Harfajuku Lovers` results in Shibuya, Tokyo (Shibuya, Tokyo), directly into the quarter Harajuku and living in it a charming girl. Four of them, named Maya `Love` Chino (Maya Chino), Jennifer ` Angel` China (Jennifer Kita), Rino Nakasone - `Musis` Radzalan (Rino Nakasone-Razalan) and Mayuko Kitayama `Baby` (Mayuko Kitayama), are included in the personal retinue of Gwen Stefani and act as backup dancers. Maiden quartet is called `Harajuku Girls`. This quartet embodies like no other Japanese Harajuku style that supports a mixture of many different trendy styles and colors incompatible.

`Harfajuku Lovers` - youth brand ,mainly focused on ` kavaynosti` that, as soon as may be, sing on the streets of Harajuku. Kawaii incarnation itself Stephanie and her girls - dancers, in other words, their maiden anime images were the main design of the characters and the perfume `Harfajuku Lovers`. At the end of 2006-of Stephanie even released a limited edition dolls under the name `Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Fashion dolls`. Dolls were born as a result of inspiration from a variety of costumes that Stefani and her `Harajuku Girls` team wore during the tour in support of the album ` Love. Angel. Music. Baby` 2004.

In September 2008-Stephanie presented the first fragrance line - as one of the products `Harfajuku Lovers`. It was presented immediately five smells calculated as young fashionistas, and the mature women who prefer unobtrusive perfume compositions. Collection fragrances drew further attention to unusual bottles, which are decorated with figures of the pupae. Naturally, the figures embody Stephanie and her four dancers. Aromas got the name `Love`,` Lil` Angel`, `Music`,` Baby` and `G`.

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