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One of the first licensed fashion leyblovIstoriyu Roy Halston Frowick hardly be called success story - a series of bright highs replaced as bright fall ; Frowick eventually even lost the right to use their own name. This, however, did not negate the fact that Roy Frowick did a lot for the label `Halston`,and for the fashion industry in tselom.Pervye steps in the fashion industry Roy Frowick did in 1960, when he was modistom `Bergdorf Goodman` and Jacqueline Kennedy itself (Jacqueline Kennedy). Own label womenswear Frowick created in 1968 ;a significant role in the success of the project played Enron Frowick extensive connections with socialites and celebrities. Inspired by the success of the project, Roy began to develop new markets ; in 1975, the label was already released and men`s clothing, and even perfumes.

In 1983, `Halston` signed a contract with a major retail chain ` J.C. Penney`;Frowick decided to launch a new, relatively cheap clothing line. Called the decision very very difficult to be the best - it is known that a lot of pretty ` dorogih` customers in a short time in the label ` Halston` disappointed. Alas, this did not end the problem of Roy ; sheer talent and numerous past achievements are not able to reduce the damage ,Frowick which caused his own project and himself drug abuse and disruption of regular periods. Sadly though, and logical conclusion was the dismissal of Roy Frowick out of his own company; This happened in October of 1984.

After the dismissal Frowick lost the right to develop and sell clothing under its own name. At 6 years old, in 1990, Roy Frowick died ; cause of death was lung cancer and complications after SPIDa.Nesmotrya to such an ignominious end, Roy Frowick still considered an extremely talented designer and rather unconventionally -minded entrepreneurs. Some argue that Frowick was the first designermanaged to fully appreciate the benefits of licensing its own brand, said Roy has a license from the alliance `JC Penney` in those days looked pretty unusual and unexpected. Of course, for most Frowick this alliance proved to be almost more harmful than helpful ; for the fashion world as a whole, however,Roy did something very valuable - he proposed a fundamentally new practices to make his work available to both the representatives of various social groups and classes. In our time, this approach is very popular - and, I must say, it does not shy away from the representatives of a number of fairly large companies and brands.`Halston` known not only as clothing, but also as a perfume perfume liniya.Pervy Roy Frowick produced in a special bottle, personally designed by Elsa Peretti (Elsa Peretti); the success of this perfume was waiting just incredible - he still has the second highest number of sales.

In 1994 and 1995-m `Halston` released a new series of perfumes ; alas, repeat past success, they were no longer suzhdeno.Dela companies are going from bad to worse ; in 1996, the company closed. The line of perfumes bought the representatives `French Fragrances Inc`; the rest went to `Tropic Tex Apparel`.Representatives of `Tropic Tex` set out to re- interest the buyers label ` Halston` etogozapustili and for a fairly large advertising kampaniyu.Na over the next few years `Halston` mainly used in all sorts of licensed projects; under this brand produced linens and watches, scarves and bags ,sunglasses and leather goods. still managed to play under the leadership of Duke Randolph (Randolph Duke) a considerable fraction of its former glory. Alas, after financial problems began in themselves `Tropic Tex`; they soon resold `Halston` Connecticut company ` Catterton Group`. C Since then, the company replaced a large part of the administrative board ;in general, the quality of the products offered, however, was not affected - the label `Halston` continues to demonstrate the same high level as before.

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