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Citizenship : United States

BiographyHalo Friendlies blast scene powerful volume of positive mood, energy and charm, then continue watering even tougher and more dense forest of passion and confidence than any flaunt Pacanskaya punk band with baseball caps can offer. .. Awesome ! Rock `n` Roll requires not just beautiful mordashek. Group Halo Friendlies knowsthat are necessary and muzzles and ability rubanut spur of the moment so that did not seem enough. .. During their short history to them often glued guys from the crowd, throwing indecent phrases and sentences. .. Meet the brave four girls who were not afraid to Laba rock in this hole - Dzhudita, Ginger, Natalie and Claudia. History of Halo Friendlies takes us in 1997, when the four girls from Long Beach, California, decided to pick up a guitar and give a small portion of the noise. The band formed in Dzhudity garage after she threw a cinematic College, in order to fully arrange his career in music. Soon they will have traveled across the United States ,and then the world, playing to a crowd of thousands.

In early 2002 they were invited to tour in support of US troops, is located in Kosovo, and was just beginning to Bosnii.Uspeh raskidyvt their wings over the bold Quartet - in the same year they appeared in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the soundtrack of hit song " runaway " (runaway) . The group at that time released some independent releases, has grown expert enough to record a full albom.V that the 2002 girls stusovalis Kim Shatuk, vocalist and guitarist band The Muffs, which became hot to the producer of their debut album Get Real (Be real) , released on Tooth and Nail Records.How they came to Kim ? They introduced Eliza Rogers, who some may remember as the singer / manager of Dance Hall Crashers, a significant group of the early `90s, led by this same lady. " I met with Halo Friendlies, when they opened the Rancid concert in Las Vegas a few years ago. I came a little early, as she wanted to hear them ,because of MxPx Mike told me to listen to them because they could ponravitsya.I me, you know, he was right, - says Eliza. - And why I decided to introduce them to Kim and to offer it to the producers, I have always believed that those producers who also musicians, it is always easier to find common language with the group. I thought,that thanks to the boundless musical abilities Kim and the fact that it is a crazy girl, she will be the most suitable producer for Halo Friendlies ". This is what happened. .. Halo Friendlies immediately presented Kim Mount talent. Emotional garage sound of their EP Acid Wash ` `99, turned into a fresh and smooth material ,they only recently polished alive. Dzhudita, Natalie and Ginger playing guitar with tiger pressure and sing with the intellectual spark young ladies, while Christina beats of his drum all that the girls might have missed. And she wets the drums, that the boys would not be ashamed to learn from her. Thus, the album ,released in August of ` 02, it was packed with 12 quick- rhythmic songs which found sufficient audience that is perceived to cheer the young group. Get Real raised the bar for rock bands, moving rock and roll with a new aggressive but melodic level. The group worked hard in anegraunde before going out on the big stage ,and their last album proved that the girls know how to write songs, and the talent of the four neistoschim.V support of his album girl climbs out of his minivan all summer - tour Warped. In autumn, for 3 weeks, the group opened the concert Good Charlotte, while selling thousands of albums. Their video "Sellout" (Sale) has got a regular promotion on MTV2, Fuse, MTV2 Latin America, Kerrang! TV, P Rock and Scuzz TV in Velikobritanii.Etot clip also got the better of clips 100 2003 Scuzz TV.

In 2003, the group decided that it was time they cross the ocean to bring his music to Europe and find out what is fraught with Great Britain. Their first performance was at the club Kerrang Weekender, where they have taken as their own. Girls, do not waste time on further talks, set off in 4 -week tour with the band Funeral for a Friend. Rapidly falling in love with the music scene in the World Bank, they are back in a month for another 4 - ex -week tour.When he returned and let the road, this time with the band Home Grown, HF found that their fenbaza doubled. Rockers never afraid of hard work, so that between these 2 rounds Hollywood has made them an invitation, the girls could not refuse. For intermediate 4 weeks Halo Friendlies had to write a song and make a video for the movie Mad Friday (Freaky Friday), in which the main role played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The song "Me vs. The World " (I am against the whole world) lit up in the film, as well as in the official soundtrack to that. The track was produced by Amir Derakh of Orgy, and mixed by his legendary producer Jay Baumgardner (who made his word in such masterpieces as Korn, A New Found Glory, Evanescence, Godsmack, 12 Stones, Drowning Pool, Alien Ant Farm and Papa Roach). Soundtrack Freaky Friday has already been certified gold.

Without pausing for a second ,Halo again returned to the World Bank in November 2003, where they were the main support Lagwagon band during their tour. Immediately after that, they went to the buff, England, where they began work on their new album, uvidyaschim light in mid-2004, although they slit are in search of the label on which they would like to release an album. In March 2004, the girls will return to the UK and will lead the tour in the rank of the headliners.

Whence are they come from? Its a good influence on them, on the one hand, have The Beatles and Elvis Costello, and on the other - Slitere Kinney and The Breeders.Ih versatile influence helped them weave their own unique style, consisting of rock, punk and pop elements. And then ,they are girls, they strengthened their unbreakable spirit and the will to succeed. .. " is in the group, consisting of some girls in front of us opened certain doors, but closed some of the other ", - says Dzhudita, a leader HF.Klaudiya, in turn, He adds: " Everyone always think that we are a group of girlfriends uchatnikov ;and we again and again have to convince them in the reverse - we are not a group, we have a group, " Despite the fact that in the female rock there are many movements in our time, the Californian quartet Halo Friendlies is living proof that the order ! to change attitudes requires a lot of effort. " This often happens to us ,- Continues drummer - because for some it [ the girls in the group ] somehow a shame, but we hope to change that attitude for the time of our existence. " Dzhudita, it goes even deeper into the topic, claiming that labels base their decisions on the performer is not on the music, and how they look. "People still refer to female rock groups, as a novelty. When we say that we are in a group all at once now intended that we are in one of the nowadays popular pop groups. We need to constantly put emphasis on the fact that we play instruments and make music themselves. " More Dzhudita explains that the girls in rockthe group is much more difficult to find support in the industry itself, rather than if they were pop or district - B performers : " Last time, when the group, consisting of some girls entered the mainstream, it was in the late 80s - the group Bangles. Courtney Love was a great success, and that due to the fact that she was the wife of Kurt Cobain ,but also because of its reputation. Since then, a few girl- bands made ??themselves known to the independent scene, but did not get much support from the industry. .. I think many people would have thought of the matter, if the girl- rock and spun as, for example, Limp Bizkit and Korn ".

And despite the fact that Halo Friendlies girls, At one time they shared the stage with bands such as No Use For a Name, Tilt, Squad 5-0, Rancid, MxPx and Dance Hall Crashers (not to mention the commands above) .

Halo Friendlies aimed at, in order to prove how magnificent and valuable may be a group consisting of some girls. The last exhortation of HF: " Be ,confident in their abilities and in who you are. Listen to your heart, and not those around you! "

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