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The creator of the programming language ` Logo`error status: 400error status: 400and a doctorate in mathematics, he has defended in Massachusetts.

Career as a professional programmer Abelson began with the creation of a programming language ` Logo` (Logo), which was used by ` Apple` second generation computers. However, in 1980 he received more widespread,error status: 400They were recognized as revolutionary and completely turned the computer science learning.

Together with a colleague from MIT Jerold Sassmenom (Gerald Jay Sussman) Hal has developed training course `Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs`, which was intended to show students the prospect of the development of computers that ,error status: 400and then to the teacher ; so, for example, together with a group of programmers, he participated in the ` ` Xbox` vzlome` consoles and even helped in the writing of the book `Hacking the Xbox`. More than once he put in a network of compromised program, and other software.

In 2008, the year Hal became interested in the development of software for mobile devices ,and several months later he was offered to their students enroll in the course `Building Mobile Application`. All the work was moved to the platform `Android`, but despite this, some students have achieved such success that received prizes in the competition ` Android Developing Challenge`.error status: 400always believed that the programming should be more accessible to people without special education, because it is thanks to their ideas will develop technology.

Hal`s work has earned him many awards and glory : so he is the winner of `Bose Award`, in his piggy bank also has a premium ` Taylor L.error status: 400from the Horn of Africa (Horn of Africa), the Arabian Peninsula (Arabian Peninsula) and ending with the South and Central Asia, covering much of the Middle East (Middle East). Under his command at CENTCOM was 250 thousand. US troops.

Abizaid succeeded General Tommy Franks (Tommy Franks) July 7, 2003, ,while Abizaid took place, Admiral William J.. Fallon (William J. Fallon) March 16, 2007. John resigned May 1, 2007 - th, after 34 years of service.

In 2007, he was named fellow at the Hoover Institution (Hoover Institution) at Stanford University (Stanford University).

24 January 2008-error status: 400born April 1, 1951 th, in Coalville, northern California, USA (California, USA). Abizaid, half Arab nationality, grew up in a family with the traditions of the Catholic Church. His father, a member of World War II, one was brought up John, after the boy`s mother died of cancer.

As for military training ,error status: 400He received an MA in Middle East study at Harvard University (Harvard University), producing the impression of its achievements, and also studied at the University of Jordan in Amman (University of Jordan, Amman) on the program of George Olmsted (George Olmsted). Nadav Safran (Nadav Safran),Garvardskogotsentra head of the Middle East, recalling the 100 -page work Abizaid defense policy of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia), said that it was the best job in the 30 years of his practice at Harvard.

Abizaid was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant of Infantry Regiment after the US Military Academy at West Point, New York. He began his military career in the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina (Bragg, North Carolina). Abizaid commanded the 2nd and 1st Ranger Battalion during the invasion of Grenada (Grenada).

John also commanded the 3rd Battalion of the 325th Airborne Regiment Battle Group in Vicenza ,error status: 400Armoured Division in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia-Herzegovina). After this experience Abizaid served as the 66th commandant of the US Military Academy at West Point, where he was able to do away with the savagery of bullying and update the curriculum. Later, he took command of the 1st Infantry Division `Big Red One` in Wurzburg, Germany (Wurzburg, Germany)From David L. Grange (David L. Grange), and participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

After the war in Iraq (2003) and Saddam Hussein (Saddam Hussein), Abizaid assumed command of CENTCOM, Tommy Franks. December 20, 2006 it was announced ,that General Abizaid would resign from his post in March

007 th. He planned to retire earlier, but for some time continued to serve. March 16, 2007 th Abizaid handed over command to Admiral William J. Fallon.

In November 2005, John gave a speech at the Naval War College (Naval War College) on combating terrorism ,error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400to stop and to keep the development of nuclear weapons. .. `. In addition, he said, ` I believe we have all the power to deter Iran if it becomes a nuclear power. .. there are ways to live with a nuclear Iran. .. Let`s face it : we live with a nuclear Soviet Union (Soviet Union), we lived with a nuclear China (China),error status: 400Abrams first feature film " Mission Impossible 3 " became the most expensive directorial debut in history. He is married to Kathy McGrath, he has 3 children.

World famous Abrams brought sverhuspeshnyh television projects the company "ABC Entertainment" - TV series " Alias " and "Lost "have offered extraordinary concept exciting script and using the potential of form television movie fully. Both series for a short time gained a cult status among the audience.

Interesting fact : record budget for the pilot episode of "Lost " - $ 12 million - initially angered " the Disney " management ,which "ABC" belongs, but soon, given the popularity of the series, the appropriateness of such costs become evident.

The first and second seasons of " Alias " (in Chapter roles:. Jennifer Garner) have received 11 nominations of "Emmy".

" Lost" (starring Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Dominic Monaghan and others. error status: 400where, in addition to receiving awards, I struck up acquaintances in the industry, find collaborators, and possibly getting some credibility for the implementation of its future projects.

The first work on television has become Abrams series " Happiness. " Abrams - executive producer, author and director of several episodes of the series. This combination of roles quite typical for television work Abrams, whom colleagues have described as " multitasking " workaholic.

As a graduate student, and his friend Abrams wrote the script of the film. This scenario has bought the studio " the Touchstone Pictures ," and made it the foundation of " Beautiful Life"error status: 503error status: 400error status: 400Abrams in several films appear on the screen as an actor.

Abrams also occasionally acts as a composer for his films (in particular, he wrote the title theme song " Alias ") .

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