Haim Burstein

Picture of Haim Burstein

Age: 60

Place of birth: Chisinau

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Chisinau, where in 1919 he graduated from the evening school and in 1920 began working in the print shop. Since December 1922, the Interim Secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Organization of Bessarabia, the delegate of the Fifth Congress of the Comintern (1924), at the Third Congress of the Communist Party of Romania was elected a member of the Control Commission. In July 1930-October 1931 - Executive director of clandestine printing plants Bessarabian Regional Party Committee, with October 1931 - Instructor in 1937-1938 - Secretary of the Bessarabian Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Romania. V1939-1940 years - union activist printers. Repeatedly subjected arestam.Posle accession of Bessarabia to the Soviet Union in 1940 became director of the printing house in Chisinau. Since 1942 - the Red Army, demobilized after being wounded in 1943. In the years 1945-1947 - editor of the Information Telegraph Agency of the Union of Moldova, in the years 1948-1949 - Executive Secretary of the regional newspaper "Kolhoznikul" in the village of Ocnita (now the regional center Ocnita District Moldova). In 1949-1960 years - an employee of the Office of the diplomatic corps of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.