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What are some of the scumbags who did not really know how to play an instrument ? They disguise themselves in unbelievable costumes, invent wacky nicknames and arrange shock - show,inventing itself in front of this legend.

In the case of " Gwar " their " pre-history " is - millions of years ago, a band of space pirates found herself on Zemle.Posle sorts of mischief, such as the extermination of the dinosaur and the sinking of Atlantis, " Gwar " were sent into the ice of Antarctica, where freed only at the time of their first record "Hell-O".In fact, the team organized a few people from the city of Richmond, in Virginia. Their names were Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus, vocals), Mike Derks (Balzac jaws of death, guitar), Zach Blair (Flattus Maximus, guitar), Casey Orr (Beefcake the Mighty, bass) and Brad Roberts (Nippleus erectus, drums). Brockie had previously played in hardcore - band "Death Piggy".

GwarVmeste drummer Sean Sumner and director of Hunter Jackson, they conceived to make a video "Scumdogs Of The Universe". Kostyumy created for this business became the prototype of the first incarnation of "Gwar" ("God What A Racket"). However, Sumner`s participation in the new project are not affected ,as he rattled in prison for attempted murder. From the first steps the group went by way of staging, pushing the music (rather primitive thrash with expressionless vocals) on the rear plan.Zadachey team was shocking the public with all sorts of means.

There was a wide range - and the dismemberment of dummy corpses ,and blood and urine and other filth. As a result, "Gwar" got their way, and the people of the shaft Poper on their submission. In 1988, the band was even recognized as the best team in the concert all the east coast SSHA.V the same year the team signed a contract with "Metal blade" and recorded her first album.

GwarOdnako ,Unlike concerts record was not a success. The same fate awaited and psleduyuschie releases, so the team tried to accompany their video version, which enjoyed much more sprosom.Za entire existence "Gwar" The collective repeatedly exposed to changes ,and studio and concert configuration could be different numbers. In 1995, a team at full strength recorded the album "You Have The Right To Remain Silent", published under the guise of "X-Cops". Noteworthy was the fact that this time all the musicians performed under their real names and not by silly nicknames. At the beginning of the new millennium gvarovtsy began to slowly creep away from other projects. So Dave Brockie, along with Mike Derks and Dave Roberts founded "The Dave Brockie experiment". He Derksen with " guests" on the album in "Disarray", and Casey Orr and Zach Blair worked with "The burden brothers".

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Gwar picture
Gwar photo
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