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Birthday 06.1985

God Birth : 1985

Age: 30 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

"Guns N `Roses" - Hooligans - romanceWho was the father of the founder of the band Axl Rose and how it affected his fate ? Why did Axl left school and went to LosAngeles ? Where I had live musicians before signing a contract with the record company ? As with drug problems have affected the relationship between the band members ? What was the secret of the popularity of `Guns N` Roses` and why Axl decided to dissolve it ?

Axl Rose

`Guns N` Roses` - one of the brightest, scandalous and crazy bands in the history of rock music. Their motto has always been `Sex, Drugs & Rock n`Roll`, but to his own surprise, they were able to survive until the present day. However, one of this group that drove adolescent mind, no longer exists. It ceased to exist due to the fault of its founder and leader Axl Rose. Perhaps with him and should start the story `Guns N` Roses`.Axl Rose was born in the town of Lafayette, Indiana, February 6, 1962 under the name of William Bruce Rose. His father was a bully, and often drank, so soon after the birth of her son left the family. A few years later his mother married Stephen Bailey, who adhered to conservative views. Stepfather Axl forced to go to church ,I am forbidden to watch TV and listen to rock and roll.

As a child, Rose was a good student, visited the church choir and was generally studious boy, that can be explained by the fear of his stepfather. But the more he grew up, the more it is imbued with rebellious. In 15 years, Axl already known to the police as a notorious bully ,who was arrested several times for drinking alcohol and insulting police officers.

The school met with Jeffrey Rose

Isbell, better known under the name Izzy Stradlin. He is also fond of music, but in contrast to his peer was closed and quiet. Together they listen to your favorite band `Aerosmith`,` Nazareth`, `Led Zeppelin`,` AC / DC`And dreamed of their own.

Soon friends began to gather in the garage and play punk rock. Axl was expelled from school, and then he found out who his real father. He took his last name Rose and began to call himself Axl. His trouble with the law even more aggravated, so for a while their paths with Izzy razoshlis.Po next door to hellIzzy Stradlin Rose met again in 1980 in Los Angeles, where he had fled from their parents and policemen bore him. In 1982 he finally settled in the city ` angelov` with his girlfriend Gina Mailer. Stradlin had already sang in different bands and gave great hopes. In 1985, Rose became acquainted with guitarist Tracy Hansa, and their names made ??the name of the group - `Guns N` Roses`. But ironically Hansa had to leave the project and was replaced by Slash Saul Hudson. After joining the group, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Steven Adler has developed its classic lineup. The team bystropriobrel notoriety the most powerful group of California. However, the boys were living in abject poverty. What one can say if the manager `Guns N` Roses` was their fan Vicky Hamilton. One time a group of living and rehearsing in a warehouse on Sunset Boulevard. There was no shower, no bath ,leaky roof and only partly compensated for this deficiency. Musicians almost nothing to eat, and if they are happy to steal the meat in the nearest diner, they prepared it on the fire. Sometimes they ate together with the homeless in the dining room of the Salvation Army and went to a gay bar where they served a buffet for $ 1. In stock often held gatherings with friends or musicians orgies with groupies. Typically, while one of the band members had sex with a girl, others stole from her purse money and valuables. Do not disdain the boys and drugs. They not only heroin, and traded him. However, it is not successful,because after a while themselves were not a small amount of local dealers.

And February 28, 1986 they showed up at the club `Troubadour`, where they held their first official concert. This is followed by several representatives from record companies, and it is not surprising that the performance plunged them into shock. With spurs on his boots ,shaggy manes and skewed heroin faces the musicians gave the impression of complete men, whose days are numbered. Representative `Geffen records` Tom Zutaut said that a group of shit, but 4 months later signed with the ` Guns N` Roses` contract. It is said that he really liked the performance, and such a statement he made ,to scare off competitors. Thus began the history of uncontrolled and reckless `Guns N` Roses`.

On the slippery slope

To rein in unruly musicians, the company leased a house for them and appointed a new manager - the old school rocker Alan Niven. He drank with them in the evenings, but saw to it that they do not touch the syringe. `Guns N` Roses` started recording the album, and in 1987 he was released under the name ` Appetite for Destruction`. Each song had its own history, can not be separated from the turbulent life of the band members. For example, `Mr. Brownstone` told about the life of heroin junkie, and in the `Rocket Queen` included Axl sounds of mating with one of the fans. In the fall of 1987 `Guns N` Roses` went to America on tour, where he confirmed the title of the uncontrolled group. Though musicians and igralihard rock, but behaved like a real punk. They followed the example of their colleagues in London `Sex Pistols`: fought with guards urinated on stage, spent the night on the streets. The most reckless was Axl Rose. Meanwhile, the virus `Guns N` Roses` mowed whole series of American youth. In 1988, the band went on tour with `Alice Cooper` and ` Iron Maiden` and eclipsed and those and others. Their performances were accompanied by mass psychosis and great hustle front of the stage, which soon led to the first victims. It is the plague of alcohol and drugs musicians managed to record a new album `G N` R Lies` (1988), which immediately soared to the top of the charts.

It was obvious that the musicians and degraded, leading such a lifestyle, not last long. Press also savored every detail of their behavior, unwinding the band`s popularity more and more. Surprisingly, the first could not stand Axl. At one concert, he publicly humiliated the group and said that he would leave if the other members do not stop ` torchat`. It worked a little, but a solution was found. The only time when the musicians themselves do not kill - it`s during a game or album. And the band decided to start recording the next masterpiece. Epic creation `Use Your Illusion I` and ` Use Your Illusion II` (1991) was completed in 1990. Another 11 months were spent on information that is studied Bill Price, who previously worked with the `Sex Pistols`. In the first week album took first place in the charts. They were the last great hard rock albums. Soon a group of Izzy Stradlin left and was replaced by Gilby Clarke. `Guns N` Roses` went on a world tour, which ended only in 1993. Popularity Only `Metallica` could compete with them. In their music video starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, their nominated for ` Gremmi` ,under their ballads at school discos kissing all high school students around the world.

After the tour `Guns N` Roses` recorded an album of cover versions of favorite songs ` The Spaghetti Incident? ` (1993), and that`s where the story ended. In 1995, Axl Rose stated that he was leaving the group and takes its name. Izzy, Slash and Duff have made a good solo career ,and Axl continued to tour with the `Guns N` Roses`, constantly changing compositions. In 2008 they recorded the album `Chinese Democracy`, but true fans of the group say it is only a pathetic parody of the ` Guns N` Roses` - the group that once saved the hard rock of death in 80

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