Guillermina Garcia

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Citizenship: United States

Pyaternyashki Utah

Adding to the family Guillermina Garcia and Fernando (Fernando Garcia) expected for 9 months; about how much it is filled up with their family, they learned not immediately. To the great delight of his mother, Guillermina immediately became five children - three girls and two boys.

Of course, just five have been difficult - took birth 8 doctors and several dozen nurses. The doctors, however, say that Garcia was able to cope relatively quickly - she was able to go through a rather complicated procedure is relatively quick and painless. Important role in this sygraltot fact that gave birth Guillermina a little later than usual. In the body of the mother Esmeralda (Esmeralda), Fatima (Fatima), Marissa (Marissa), Fernando (Fernando) and Jordan (Jordan) spent 31 weeks - that for 3 weeks more than this kind of `massovaya` pregnancy usually lasts. Most often, `pyaternyashki` are born after about 28 weeks of pregnancy; as several earlier generations complicate the work of doctors. For `lishnie` three weeks Guillermina and Fernando well developed lungs of children; as a result, put them in a special unit there is no need of intensive care for babies. Almost immediately after the last successful Caesarean section, doctors noted that the latter-day Garcia differ enviable good health. As recognized by one of the doctors, children throughout the procedure behaved surprisingly quiet and almost helped each other to be born.

As recognized by doctors and journalists themselves Guillermina and Fernando, the birth of so many children at once - not absolutely accidental; for quite a long time the couple took special medications designed to increase their fertility and increase the chance of multiple births immediately. Actual results, of course, has surpassed all expectations - but the surprise was more than pleasant; father and mother is literally crazy about each of his five children.

Guillermina and her children will spend in the hospital of Utah (Utah) for at least another 6 weeks; then the parents will go home happy. There are children waiting for grandparents and older sister - 18-month-old Giulietta (Julietta). Garcia stopped there for six children or in future Guillermina again coming generations - is still unknown.