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Year of birth : 1983

Age: 32 year

Place of Birth : Dayton, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States


The assets of the group at that time was 16 studio LPs, several live albums, a couple of box sets and a huge number of solo albums of musicians ,Joint third-party projects, and video bootlegs.

`Guided By Voices` (GBV) - American indie rock band formed in 1983 in Dayton, Ohio (Dayton, Ohio). It is known that the command `GBV` became a kind of record for the number of shifts in her musicians - say their number is simply incalculable. In fact the only person permanent group, its leader Robert Pollard (Robert Pollard), put the figure at 50. By the way, except for changing the composition of `GBV`, or rather, he Pollard, may surprise his fans and listeners, and still something. Everyone knows his creative fecundity. Indeed, the number of songs written by Robert ,thousands of songs. It is known that it is more or less makes it the envy of fellow musicians. Robert himself, however, explains his creative prowess is quite simple : ` From a young age I used to do myself everything - and music and covers diskov`.

The first album `Guided By Voices` came out in 1987 and was called ` Devil Between My Toes`,followed in the same year was marked by rock band and another plate - `Sandbox`. Debut of the plate, however, did not have any particularly resounding success, although, of course, many were seen. Next, the team came out quite systematically albums - an average of one a year or two. Although quite a crowd quickly formed and these loyal fans, `GBV` never managed to learn a real commercial success. I wonder what their fans the band led by Pollard are very, very tenderly - say musicians often sipping a beer with their fans. Incidentally,it is associated with beer and another interesting episode that happened with the band - named `Guided By Voices` called beer! This rock `n ` roll musicians podarokdelala small brewery from Lexington, Kentucky (Lexington Kentucky), dedicating a new drink on the basis of dark ale group `GBV` and personally its leader Robert Pollard. But all this happened only later, when the group has firmly taken its place in the space of indie rock. And then, since the late `80s, the band tried to take all the rock - Olimp, coming from different directions and is constantly changing its composition.

Fame came in 1994, with a record output of `Bee Thousand`. The disc recording job musicians Robert Pollard and his brother ,bassist Jim Pollard (Jim Pollard); multi Tobin Sprout (Tobin Sprout) and guitarist Mitch Mitchell (Mitch Mitchell); drummers John Thrasher (Don Thrasher) and Kevin Fennell (Kevin Fennell); another bassist Greg Demos (Greg Demos) and backing vocalist Randy Campbell (Randy Campbell).

Incidentally,most valuable musicians for his band, Robert calls his brother Jim Tobin Sprout and guitarist Doug Gillard (Doug Gillard), who plays with Pollard now.

The final album `GBV` began in 2004. ` Half Smiles of the Decomposed`, after which the team stopped in any way to assert itself. The assets of the group at that time was 16 studio LPs, several live albums, a couple of box sets and a huge number of solo albums of musicians, joint third-party projects, and video bootlegs.

Reunion Group, to the great joy of fan, in the summer of 2010 - then `Guided By Voices` gathered the composition ,that they can be seen in the mid-90s. By the way, the founding father, Robert admitted that this combination - Tobin Sprout and Mitch Mitchell on guitars, Kevin Fennell on drums and Greg Demos on bass - he likes most

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