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Year of birth : 1981Age: 34 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : SShABiography

`Guess` - American fashion brand ? ; It is engaged in production of clothing and a variety of fashionable accessories - watches, perfume and jewelry. Under the authority of the brand is also the line `Marciano`.

Established brand was four bratyami-marrokantsev French descent - Georges (Georges), Arman (Armand), Paul (Paul) and Maurice Marciano (Maurice Marciano).

In 1977 the brothers moved from France (France) in California (California); in 1981 they founded the company `Guess`. Support in the creation of a new brand they have members of the clan Nakash (Nakash),while in charge of denim empire ` Jordache`.Pervym creation brothers became Jeans ` Marilyn` - a unique product on the three zippers. First shops and fashion critics were looking at a new product with a certain skepticism ; in December, however, representatives of the network `Bloomingdale` heeded the arguments of Georges and committed implementation of the two dozen jeans. Almost immediately it became clear that they made ??the right decision - the goods from the shelves immediately shattered.

In 1982, the brothers began to actively promote your brand ; in 1985, we saw the light of the first black-and- white advertisement - who later became the trademark of the company and has won several awards Marciano Klio` ` (` Clio`).It is in the adverts `Guess?` His first batch of Fame received such well-known model in the future, as the Claudia Schiffer (Claudia Schiffer), Eva Herzigova (Eva Herzigova) and Laetitia Casta (Laetitia Casta). In the film, Robert Zemeckis (Robert Zemeckis) ` Back in buduschee` (`Back to Future`) Marty McFly (Marty McFly) wears denim suit obviously works ` Guess`;according to rumors, this suit was designed specifically for the film.

In the 80 `Guess` were in the list of the most popular manufacturers of jeans, it is the company Marciano brothers were among the first began producing designer jeans. The first unique jeans were created for women ; in 1983, however, it went on sale, and a line of menswear design. In 1984, `Guess` presented to the customer line of watches, these watches are made to this day - together with a number of other accessories. In 1984, the brand launched a clothing line for young children, `Baby Guess`.

In the 90s, the company launched a new child project - `Guess Home`; under this logo out bed linen collection.It `Guess` first to pack sheets, blankets and pillowcases in the shell of a suitable material - allowing customers to better assess how it will look their new acquisitions. Unfortunately, the end of the decade, sales of products of the brand fell procedure ; the firm was forced to close `Guess Home`.

At the beginning of 2000-s, the company launched a new advertising campaign, desperately trying to escape from the abyss of oblivion. Advertising firms became more and more sexy ; This surprisingly simple step had their effect - very soon, sales went up. Interestingly, the company customers army replenished primarily due to the factwho at the time of the first wave of success of the company has not even rodilsya.Cherez some time list Marciano brothers house model added by most Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton).

In 2005, the company launched a line of perfumes ; `Guess for Women` left in the spring of 2005 ,` Guess for Men` - in the spring of 2006. We continued to develop the business and their old line - so, in October 2006, a second wind got a line of men`s shoes. First, buyers did not show respect to the special shoe enthusiasm, but managed to turn the situation over time.

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