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With music, under the influence of such groups ,like "Guns N` Roses" and "Motley Crue", " guards " have become one of the leading teams, performing the so-called " Christian rock ". With hits such as the "Power of Love" and "Shoeshine Johnny" the team has gone through 90 years of their " gospel - metal" way.

The band was formed in Los Angeles in the early `80s. However, then it was called not "Guardian",and "Fusion", and its founders were bassist David Bach and singer Paul Koli.V company with guitarist David Caro and drummer Ricky Hart little guys gave concerts around Los Angeles. Like many other groups of the main place of their party began to clubs "Whiskey A Go Go" and "The Palace".In 1985, the group was invited to the label "Enigma". At the same time, and it was found that a group of "Fusion" already exists in nature, and the team changed the sign to the "Guardian". Caro was replaced by guitarist Tony Palacios - at the same time as part of the replacement was carried out.

GuardianDebyutny album, "First Watch", was born only in 1989. He produced his guitarist "Stryper" Oz Foks.Posle plate output, the first world "Guardian" tour, which ended with performances in Japan. In 1990, tired of the troubles every tour, the team left just two people : a vocalist and drummer Koli Hart. Some time later, they found a replacement ,place at the microphone stand taken by Jamie Rowe and drums sat for Carl Ney.V new lineup, the band released their second album "Fire And Love", a record which has also participated keyboardist and backing vocalist John Elephant.

The album was released on the label "Pakaderm", specialized in religious music.The CD was very warmly received by the audience. At most a hit song from the album, "Power of Love", was filmed a clip, often played on MTV.

GuardianPosle second, more successful tour came next LP, "Miracle Mile", which took in the Christian music charts fifth position in early 1993. It was followed by the album "Swing Swang Swung", where the "Guardian" experimented with acoustic zvuchaniem.K 1995 the group returned to normal hardovy Sound, releasing on the label "Myrrh Records" record "Buzz", which was produced by Steve Taylor. Most of the songs written for the album Elephant brothers. The peculiarity of the disc was the fact that it was sold in four different envelopes, so that buyers could pick out the cover to your liking. In the same year in Spain alone album "Nunca Te Dire Adios" was released. In the spring of 1997 came "Bottle Rocket", in which " the Guardian " made ??slope in the so -called " pop-rock ".

In 2000, Rowe was kakoe-While vocalist in "Ratt", and has also been busy in his side project "Adriangale". In the beginning of the new millennium, " the Guardian " wrote a couple more " Spanish " Album, "Promesas" and "Dime".

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