Grigory Poltorack

Picture of Grigory Poltorack

Date of Birth: 09/23/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Russia


Gregory V. Poltorak was born September 23, 1956 in Kiev. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, defended his thesis on "Dynamics and stability of strongly nonlinear systems", and then engaged in teaching activities. In 1991, Mr. Poltorak is becoming one of the founders of JSC "MAXMIR", which is headed by real estate department, soon took shape in the agency real estate "BEST".

GV Poltorak - director of a large conglomerate "BEST Real Estate," about ten years working on the Moscow real estate market. Since 1999 - Vice-president of the Russian Guild of Realtors, a member of the National and Operational advice RGR, chairman of the committee, "brokerage and agency activities." One of the initiators of the merger of the IDA and MGR. From 1997 to 2001 he was chairman of the committee on information exchange of the Moscow Association of Realtors` Guild, s2001, the - chairman of the committee on development MAGR. In 2001, Mr. Poltorak was elected President MAGR.

Gregory V. Poltorak has made a significant contribution to the creation of a unified information network MAGR. Largely due to his efforts in MAGR were introduced modern information technology to quickly use the data about the current proposals on the real estate market of Moscow.

Since 2001, headed by Gregory Vitalyevich Corporation "BEST Real Estate" began investing in construction. Expanding social program was to carry out for individuals and organizations free advice on housing issues and the provision of targeted assistance to the corporation the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Mr. Poltorak is an expert of the Committee on Property of the State Duma, a member of FIABCI, certified specialist in the field of real estate investment CCIM.