Grigory Grabovoy

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Date of Birth: 11/14/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: a. Bogar (Shymkent)

Citizenship: Russia


Grigory Grabovoy was born in 1963 in the village of Kirov Bogar village Kirov district of Shymkent region of Kazakhstan. In 1986 he graduated from the correspondence department of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the Tashkent State University in the specialty "Mechanics". In 1991 he declared himself a clairvoyant and, according to the media, began to engage in "psychic diagnosis" technique. In the 1990s, he began to call himself a healer, able to cure all ills, and raise the dead.

In 1996 Grabovoj after years of study in medical school near Moscow Ramenskoye received his medical assistant. In the same year he declared himself the owner of the six licenses for different opening and a member of many Russian and international academies of science. In 2001, according to prosecutors, established sect "The doctrine of Gregory Grabovogo" and fund the accounts which were transferred part of the funds received from the activities of the sect.

In autumn 2004, he came to Beslan Grabovoj and read a series of lectures for the relatives of those killed in the terrorist attack. He promised to raise the dead for a fee (according to the media, asked Grabovoj 30-40 thousand rubles for each resurrection). Later deceived the people of Beslan appealed to law enforcement agencies. In March 2005, Basman and Taganka Moscow Prosecutor`s Office has organized the first audit of the fund Grabovogo, in September 2005 Mosgorprokuraturoy - second.

In the autumn of the same year Grabovoj declared himself a deity and declared his intention to run for president of Russia. March 20, 2006 the Central District of Moscow prosecutors opened against Grabovogo criminal case on the 2nd part of the 159th article of the Criminal Code of Russia ( "fraud"). April 5, 2006 Grabovoj was arrested and placed in jail "Lefortovo" April 7, the court sanctioned the arrest of the detainee. Supporters Grabovogo said their leader persecuted for political reasons.

September 8, 2006 the prosecutor`s office referred the case Grabovogo vTagansky court of Moscow. Representatives of the Prosecutor`s Office press service explained to reporters that Grabovoi imputable to 11 episodes of embezzlement of funds of citizens under the guise of "the resurrection of the dead relatives of the victims or cure them from serious diseases" .However court returned the case to the prosecutor`s office for revision.

March 14, 2007 Grabovogo case was re-submitted to the court. Grabovoi himself in custody in the detention center "Lefortovo" from April 5, 2006, the arrest term was extended until 20 March 2007. June 19, 2007 the court decided to send Grabovogo psychological and psychiatric examination, but the Moscow City Court quashed this decision, recognizing Grabovogo healthy.

June 11, 2008 held a debate on the case Grabovogo. The prosecutor demanded to sentence the accused to a large-scale fraud Grabovogo to 12 years in prison. For its part, lawyers Grabovogo asked for acquittal, claiming that the actions of their client was not of a crime, and citing unfair examination of evidence. 7 July the Tagansky Court of Moscow sentenced convicted of fraud Grabovogo to 11 years in prison. As an additional measure of punishment the court ruled to collect from Grabovogo 1 million rubles to the state. He also ordered the "healer" to pay court costs and to pay the amount of the victim, in accordance with the submitted applications for compensation for moral damage.

In October 2008, the Moscow City Court reviewed the verdict Grabovoi, and reduced the sentence psevdotselitelya three years, as well as reduced the amount of the fine, which he must pay to the state, with 1 million 750 thousand rubles.

Term of imprisonment served in the colony Grabovoj Valdai in the Novgorod region. In February 2009, the convict was transferred to the Perm region. However, in May 2010, the Court of Berezniki, Perm Territory granted the request of the parole Grabovogo.

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