Grigory Bongard-levin

Picture of Grigory Bongard-levin

Date of Birth: 08/26/1933

Age: 75

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Senior Researcher, Institute of Oriental Studies. Head. Chair of South Asian History at MSU IAAS. Head of the Center of Indological and Buddhist Studies at MSU IAAS. Supervisor of the Center for a comparative study of ancient civilizations IVI RAN. Chief editor of "Bulletin of ancient history." Chairman of the Editorial Board of the series "Monuments of Literature of the East".

In characteristic VG Lysenko, "charming cynic and a great joker." In addition to numerous studies on the ancient Indian civilization, he published a series of articles on the scientific work of MI Rostovtsev, as well as feature articles.

He died September 30, 2008 by 76-year life after a serious illness in the American Hospital in Neuilly, near Paris.

Education and scientific degrees

* 1951-1956 - a student of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Moscow State University;

* 1956 - post-graduate student of Moscow State University;

* Dissertation - History and control system of the Maurya Empire. BP ... Ph.D. M., 1961. 20 p.

* 1961 - the candidate of historical sciences, IAAS, Moscow State University;

* Dissertation - India Mauryan era. (Society, the state, culture). BP ... dhs M., 1970. 63 p. Doctor of Historical Sciences.

* 1978 - Professor of Moscow State University;

* 1990 - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

* 1999 - Distinguished Professor of Moscow State University.

Research and translations


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Publications and translations:

* Bongard-Levin GM Volkova O. Legend of Kunaley (Kunalavadana from an unpublished manuscript Asokavadanamala). M., ventilator. 1963. 101 p.

* Monuments Indian writing from Central Asia. / Transl. GM Bongard-Levin, MI Vorobevoj-Desyatovskaya E. N.T