Grigoriy Vinokur

Picture of Grigoriy Vinokur

Date of Birth: 05/11/1896

Age: 50

Place of birth: Warsaw

Citizenship: Russia


Born 5 (17) in November 1896 in Warsaw. In 1922 he graduated from Moscow University. However N.F.Yakovlevym, R.O.Yakobsonom and a number of other linguists included in 1918-1924 in Moscow Linguistic Circle, in 1922-1924 was its chairman. In 1920 he worked at the State Academy of Artistic Sciences in Moscow. From 1930 he taught at the Moscow City Pedagogical Institute and other universities participated in compiling the dictionary edited D.N.Ushakova (4 vols, 1935 -. 1940). In 1942 - 1947 - Professor of the Moscow State University. University. Winokur died in Moscow on 17 May 1947.

Most linguistic works G.O.Vinokura devoted to the Russian language, but its few general linguistic work (The Tasks of the history of language, 1941) reflect a clear theoretical concept; According to her, linguistics is divided into the science of language and the science of the individual languages; the science of language "in general" can be distracted from the story, but the science of languages is to study their historical development.

The contribution Vinokur in private sections of linguistics, especially in the theory of word formation, which was an important episode in the dispute about words chlenimosti principles initiated Article Vinokur 1946 Notes on Russian word-formation. This article offers a variety of unique interpretation of the words with the basics (such as raspberries, pork) and unique suffixes (tipapastuh song) first proposed to consider non-derivative as opposed to the latter. A.I.Smirnitsky two years later, after the death of Vinokur, justified their uniform interpretation (now adopted) a derivative. Also interesting article Vinokur of parts of speech in Russian language (published posthumously in 1959), which deals with general principles of division of the vocabulary for parts of speech and built consistently morphological classification of parts of speech for the Russian language has been very different from the traditional.

Winokur was one of the founders of the history of Russian literary language as a special discipline (Russian language: historical sketch, 1945). Many worked on the style and culture of speech (Language Culture, 1929), analyzing in particular, the theoretical foundations of stylistics as a special linguistic discipline.

Literary works Vinokur devoted poetic language and the principles of building a scientific poetics, language and style of Pushkin. . V.V.Hlebnikova etc. He belonged to the initiative to create the Dictionary of Pushkin`s language; He developed the concept of the dictionary and was the first head of its development work. Many ideas (review of the history of the language system, the study of the stylistic features of language, interest in poetic language, etc.) Winokur was close to the Prague Linguistic Circle, especially R.O.Yakobsonu.