Grigoriy Busov

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Citizenship: Russia


A native of the peasants on. Negodyaihi Shapshenskoy reg., Have Kadnikovskoe, Vologda Province., Where he was born about a. 1860. Exactly when he moved from Vologda Province. Ufa is unknown. But in a. 1880 in Ufa he became quite a famous person. Here, 31 December. 1889 died of pneumonia six-week his son, Sergei. In 1893, the daughter of Mary was born, who studied at the Ufa Mary girls` school. Also, he had two sons, Basil and Nicholas. Busov engaged in rail in a row, had a brick factory in the suburb of Ufa Nizhegorodka. In Ufa, owned two houses, one of which until 1912 provided the space for the Ufa provincial gendarmerie. In n. XX Busov was a member of the Ufa City Council, but on April 15. 1903 gave up the title.

With the onset of the Revolution 1905-1907 he took a clear conservative-monarchist stance and, along with other merchants, burghers and priests in October. 1905 actively participated in the organization of counter-revolutionary patriotic marches that helped authorities fairly quickly stabilize the socio-political situation in the Ufa province. The revolutionary leaflets Busov mentioned among the "leaders of the Black Hundreds in Ufa." With registration in November. 1906 ASB NRC he was elected comrade. presents t., and from 1907 to 1917 he served as presents t, department. As presents t. NRC ASB in July 1907 took part in the Moscow congress of the provincial and regional representatives of the Union and the All-Russian Congress of the Chairmen and authorized departments of the Union, held in St. Petersburg from 10 to 16 February. In 1908, at the last Congress he made a report on the situation of the ASB NRC.

In addition to political activities Busov actively engaged in charity and philanthropy. He donated money for the construction of churches in Ufa, Raevka, Siberia, free built in Ufa entire building deaf schools, and provided 17 thousand. Rubles Ufa railroad to build a church near Ufa Station. In 1907 he was a member of the building committee for the construction of the temple at the new cemetery in Ufa. For a long time was a churchwarden Ufa Cathedral, a member of the local management of the Ufa of the Russian Red Cross Society. He was an honorary guardian Ufa male control (1908), director of the women`s shelter (1913), honorary member of the Ufa provincial guardianship. For his charitable activities 3 February. 1907 was awarded the Order of St. Anne 3rd st., In 1909 acquired the right to hereditary honorable citizenship.

With the outbreak of World War II, as well as many of the rights Busov completely gives himself to the defense of the Fatherland. He was an agent of the military posts of the field of construction management, engaged in hiring workers and artisans to build a military railways in Minsk, Pskov, Plock, Mozyr and others. Cities.

The summer of 1918 the Bolsheviks during the retreat from Ufa grabbed the most prominent men of the city hostage. Among them was and Busov with his son - Nicholas officer that 13 (26) in June 1918. Among those arrested were arrested were also the leaders of the local monarchist movement IA and Panteleev A. Shabrin. In July and August. In 1918, they were detained in Sarapul prison, where they had been taken out on a barge on the river. White. Preserved note buses, from which you can learn about the conditions of the hostages, "EIC Chairman Sarapulsk Vorozhtcov gave the guards a meal:" Eat all supposed counterrevolutionaries nothing is "... Cause one 9 people, ostensibly for interrogation, heard revolver shots and outrageous screams ... The cell was so crowded that there was no positive sleeping possibility ... [After the transfer to another cell] lying on golyhnarah, because things have not brought us ... As the next adjacent chambers criminal and political prisoners were straw mattresses and blankets, we asked the warden to bring us each one was too lazy to put the wood for the elevation of the head, in which we were denied ... it was impossible to lie on the bunks were crawling lice, bedbugs, fleas and other insects. Glass windows were smashed during the night wind, we do not lie, and sat in groups, tightly pressed against each other, so that a few warm ohladevshie body. Food was given to the poor quality of bread was issued one pound per person of poor quality and, moreover, crude ... Under such harsh living conditions of the onset of disease. I and eight comrades were sent to the district hospital for a cure, but there was not much better life prison: food given very meager, and no drug completely in the hospital was not. " 18 (31) in August. 1918 buses, Panteleev, Shabrin and several other hostages were released White Army working Izhevsk factory and returned to Ufa. Next Busova traces are lost. His son Nicholas could not be released, he was taken away from a retreating from Sarapul Bolsheviks and, apparently shot.