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American film director and screenwriter, a representative of the independent cinema.Gregg Araki was born in Los Angeles, California on December 17, 1959 in the family of ethnic Japanese - Americans in the first generation. Araki movie ends, and University of Southern California School of Television (University of Southern California), and then while running a music critic in the local newspaper. The budget of his first two films " Three startled in the night " (1987) and " Long weekend (desperate) " (1989) does not exceed $ 5,000 each, Araki takes them to the black-and- white film stationary camera. These amateur paintings have a certain success in the small independent film festivals and even receive a number of awards.

By-this wide fame came to him after the show Araki third film " Exposed wire " (1992) at the Sundance Film Festival. Shot in the genre of road movie, the picture tells the story of two twenty-year HIV - positive gay men, hiding from the police after an accidental murder. Strange mixed of homosexuality ,homophobia and violence attracts the attention of the critics and the audience : the film cost 20 thousand dollars collected almost 700 thousand at the box office. No wonder that after such a commercial success Araki awarded the title of pioneer New Queer Cinema.The next step in the career of a director associated with the work performed on the black humor " apocalyptic trilogy for teenagers " (The Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy) "teen Angst", which explored various adolescent fears and phobias. Trilogy " of teen Angst " (its name refers to the work of Fassbinder) opens the " cutting of fifteen randomly selected passages " under the optimistic title " Full n *** ets " (1993) , continuing the bloody road movie "Generation of DOOM " (1995) having not devoid of self-irony subtitled "the first heterosexual film Gregg Araki "and completes the black comedy " Nowhere " (1997) - a story about a day in the life of a group of California high school students, life passes under the motto "Sex, drugs, violence". In all of these film stars actor James Duval - alter ego auteur.

Individual attention, movie soundtracks trilogy "teen Angst",where you can find compositions Coil and Ministry groups, Nine Inch Nails and Filter, Marilyn Manson, and Hole, Radiohead and Blur, Massive Attack and The Chemical Brothers, Front 242 and The Future Sound Of London, and so on. d. , and so on. n.

At the end of the trilogy "teen Angst" in the works of Araki comes period of calm. In 1999, on the screens out comedy " luxurious life", devoid of the typical Araki gloom and gore. After this film, in 2000, Araki MTV channel offers to do TV series " So the world ends " with a budget of 1.5 million dollars for a pilot series, but they give him only $ 700,000, hoping that they will find partners ,which will add a project nedastayuschie funds. Araki does a pilot series for $ 700,000 and transmits MTV. After the installation is done, the idea of refusing to shoot the series. This is followed by a pause in almost four years.

In September 2004, the world premiere of the film " Mysterious Skin " takes place at the Venice Film Festival. In this picture, Araki with seriousness unusual for it tells the story of two eighteen guys trying to overcome the consequences of sexual violence they experienced in childhood. According to the director, he sought to make a "mysterious skin " " the same intriguing, like David Lynch movies and written out as thin pen ,a picture of Wong Kar -wai. "

January 21, 2007 at the Sundance Film Festival in the framework of the program "Midnight" to the last film today Araki " Smiling attractive face " was presented - shot in 22 days comedy about a young actress (played by Anna Faris) , who ate out of ignorance a few cookies with marijuana. The festival audience warmly welcomed the new project director. American Home rental picture is scheduled for April

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