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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Place of Birth : Seattle, Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographySiettlskaya formation "Green River" one of the first grunge beaten track and, although she lasted a short time, but it gave the musicians for two other much more famous teams, "Mudhoney" and "Pearl Jam". Her style is an attempt to file a single vial of punk, metal and priblyuzovanno - psychedelic hard rock. The band was formed in 1984 by ex- members of "Mr. Epp" and "Limp Richerds" Mark Armom (vocals, guitar) and Steve Turner (guitar) . On the role of the drummer invited Turner, a former colleague at one another gang, "Spluii Numa", Alex Vincent and bassist Jeff Amenta borrowed from "Deranged Diction".The name of the team was named after the serial killer, was operating in those years in the state Vashington.Spustya some time after the formation of the team appeared as a part of a second guitarist, Stone Gossard (ex- "Ducky Boys"), which allowed Armu focus on vocal duties.

Green River Began "Green River" with performances in local clubs ,and in 1985 they were able to attach a couple of his tracks on the compilation "Deep Six", which also includes test opus "Soundgarden", "Melvins", "Malfunkshun" and "Skin Yard". A little later, the band pull up in New York, where on a small label "Homestead" recorded the EP "Come On Down". Shortly after the end of the sessions the team left Turnerwhich stretched more to the hardcore and who did not like prog -metal component of the "Green River". With new guitarist Bruce Fervezerom group attempted to undertake a national tour, but the idea has failed. The fact that the yield of "Come On Down" were spent to, and look at the unknown team wanting almost was not.As a result, the guys had to play either in the almost empty halls, or openly hostile to the audience.

In the summer of 1986 he returned to the Seattle quintet recorded another EP, "Dry as a Bone", which for producing took Jack Endino. Exit plate delayed for almost a year, and in July 1987-first work was published in the legendary Bruce Pavitt is now label "Sub Pop". Green River Record album "Rehab Doll" started with the participation of the same Endino, but then producing pereshlv hand Bruce Calder. What has been called such a move, really do not know, but one thing is clear that from this team has not won anything. Work on the drive was through the stump deck ,and in the meantime a team split. Ament and Gossard believed that it was time to go to the next level and to establish contacts with the majors and Arm wanted to remain independent in his work. The last straw in the conflict was a concert in Los Angeles, when Jeff and Stone were given to representatives of Kontramarka labels (which, incidentally, have not appeared) while Mark wanted to use them for your business druzey.Konchilos that when "Rehab Doll" was published, a group called "Green River" have actually existed. Arm reunited with Turner in the project "Mudhoney", and Gossard ,Ament and Fervezer joined the "Mother Love Bone" (the first two subsequently became famous in the ranks of "Pearl Jam", and Bruce was working in "Love Battery").

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