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C beginning was the song ,which decided to write and send to participate in held on KPNT radio contest four days before the deadline.

While the staff were Kurt Kerns (Kurt Kerns, bass and drums), Matt Dudenheffer (Matt Dudenhoeffer, guitar) and Douglas Farley (Douglas Firley, keys and programming) who played together since the late eighties in the vicinity of the Missouri, and in the mid-nineties moved to St. Louis. There was also a singer, but his name is not even worth mentioning, because at the end of a two-day process of writing songs, he decided to leave. Calling all friends, and do not get a positive response ,I remembered the cousin Kurt and at the same time, a great friend of the triple Jeff Sheila (Jeff Scheel), who lived in Dallas. On the third day he came to write the lyrics and vocals for six hours. The fourth day was spent on data entry and turned on the radio for half an hour before the deadline. It was a "Guilty".

It is something, or rather ,its inclusion in the collection of music in St. Louis "Point Essential Vol.1", led to the fact that the group soon became interested in labels, including TVT Records was the first. Then everything went by itself. "Gravity Kills" The first album, released in March 1996. Surprisingly (and is respected) , which was produced by the band themselves their debut work. Reducing it by John Fryer (John Fryer), previously worked with JESUS ??JONES, NINE INCH NAILS, STABBING WESTWARD. Quite naturally, that the critics immediately found a style that could be ranked GRAVITY KILLS, - " industrial music metal". Shower of compliments from publications. For example, the magazine "Kerrang!" I put music band on a par with the works of KORN, TOOL, MARILYN MANSON, DEFTONES.

Many contributed to the success of participation in the soundtracks for such box office films like "Seven", "Mortal Combat" and "Escape From L.A.". Musicians do not believe in such a meteoric rise. " People ask how it is we`ve got and we have to tell them that it is good luck. It seems ,that we in all luck, " - said Kearns.

Many doubted that such a rich music electronics can be successfully performed on the stage. However, a tour of 16 countries, as well as the place of honor at the opening for THE SEX PISTOLS during their tour in 1996 "Filthy Lucre" dispelled all doubts. And GRAVITY KILLS became the only team that participated in the tour from start to finish. Concert experience gave the team a lot. "When you start to play gigs, songs begin to change itself to you as if you look in the mirror -. One can see, and someone else looks at you and sees more, " - said Jeff Scheel.

It should be noted,that the debut of the group was evaluated not only by critics and fans appeared, but also musicians, which was confirmed not by word but by deed. In spring 1997, there is an album of remixes "Manipulated", which included remixes of songs from "Gravity Kills" by Al Juergensen (Al Jourgensen) of the MINISTRY, JUNO REACTOR, LORDS OF ACID and even P.M.DAWN.Meanwhile, work on the new album " Perversion " was launched after the end of a concert tour in the autumn of 1997 (the " perversion ") in the Upper Room Studios musicians native of St. Louis. Absolutely approach to recording has changed. If earlier it was the individual delights Furley, which in the final stage joined other members of the band ,now all we are working together. " Making this record was very hard, because each of us so much a fan of his ideas, " - said Matt Dudenheffer. At this time, in addition to the musicians, the work produced Roles Mousimenn (Roli Mosimann), who produced "Portrait Of An American Family" MARILYN MANSON and "Album Of The Year" FAITH NO MORE.In music GRAVITY KILLS appeared newfangled phenomenon such as jungle and drum and bass. " We always drove into a coherent whole electronics and rock guitar. Even when we played as teenagers in the late eighties in the bars, it is always experimenting with the new electronic rhythms ,so that the jungle and drum and bass were quite natural spices to enrich the taste of our music, " - explained Kurt Kerns.

As a result, as noted by Matt Dudenheffer, the music became more stress and aggression. However, this is not angry at ourselves, others and the world. No. This is an attempt to understand. " This post - introspection,it is about good and evil within himself and original sin - a kind of imperfection, which is peculiar to the people. The album was not conceived as a concept, but it is about how to affect the world around you, about the external influences on your life. But I`m not complaining. This entry - a statement of the fact of real life, that`s probablythere is no difference between an accountant and a prostitute. The Company is not conducive to people to risk, and regardless of what their talents, they have to use what is in front of them to achieve their goals. In our case, a record album and a concert performance, " - said Jeff Scheel.

The result of the works ,to the delight of many fans of the band, went on sale in the US on June 9. Yet it is difficult to judge to what extent it is successful as musicians managed to bring their ideas to life, but now the musicians admit that the first concerts with the album, and especially the new record greatly helped them to understand themselves ,what is really GRAVITY KILLS. " We play heavy music, we live band, and we use computers and samples, " - simple, clear and accessible explained Jeff Scheel.

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