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To better understand ,where did Gravediggaz and what they liked and what to hide, like now, dig in hip - hop history and take a look during the reign of the famous Brooklyn project Stetasonic.

Beginning 80. Hip - hop is sitting in a deep underground, but still there are people who manage progress. Stetasonic as part of DJ Paul Prince (Prince Paul, pres.name Paul Huston) , the main singer - rapper Daddy-O and three other rappers Delite, DBC and Fruitkwon (a ka Fuquan) were inimitable as an ideological as well as musically. Stretasonic was a unique group that with each new work laid the whole building of new ideas and knowledge for their followers. They are one of the first rappers of his time made ??extensive use of live instruments, and you can imagine what they were saturated concerts ! Their revolutionary work "A.F.R.I.C.A." It contributed to the formation of a afrotsentristov movement, outstanding representatives of which later became De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers. Besides,along with Run DMC Stetasonic been in the forefront prodvizhentsev mix of rap and rock that is most vividly reflected in their second and most famous album "In Full Gear", and at least 2-3 years ahead of other black brothers began to engage in the jazz - rap (song " TalkinT All That Jazz").In its third album, they openly opposed apartheid in South Africa (the track "Free South Africa"). Not surprisingly, only Stetasonic of rappers were invited to the London concert, dedicated to Nelson Mandela. What happened to these truly heroic personalities ? Nothing tragic ,just in 1990 Daddy-O decided that the group has exhausted its potential, and dissolved Stetasonic after the release of their final album, "Blood, Sweat And No Tears", one of the producers which was well known to you, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim in the future). Together with Prince Paul, they soon, of course, went in great demand as a remixer and producer. Daddy-O working with Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, the Third World, the MOB Nubian, they can be even with the Giants and Red Hot Chili Peppers, composing music for commercials and advertising campaigns in 1993 returned to the rap - industry with a solo album "You Can whether dad, but never daddy -O ". Prince Paul produced all the albums De La Soul,which received excellent reviews, doing remixes and began to think about new horizons for himself as a rapper. Meanwhile, the ideological leader of the Wu-Tang clan RZA already had in mind a crazy concept for one of his side projects. I must say that he was a big fan of horror movies and heavy metal music ,which, coupled with his ability repperskimi gave birth in the head the idea to impose brutal lyrics in hip- hop with a little bit of bias in the Gothic. To implement such an unusual project that does not have so far any unique challenges and Gravediggaz team (the name was coined as RZA) as part of Prince Rakeem / RZA was collected (Robert Diggs) Get inside the new group Rzarector nickname, Too Poetic (Anthony Berkeley) , shortened his name to Poetic, and then completely become Grym Reaper, Prince Paul / Dr.Strange / The Undertaker and his former colleagues Stetasonic Fruitkwon (Arnold Hamilton) , who became Gatekeeper.How do they find each other? Fruitkwon was not familiar with the RZA and Too Poetic, respectively, while those with one another. Too Poetic released by the time the self-titled solo album and created with his brother Brainstorm rap group THE BROTHERS GRYM (by the way, "GRYM" - an acronym that stands for "Ghetto Repaired Young Mind").They noticed Prince Paul and wanted to " pick up " on his label Dew Doo Man Records. At the same time, Paul worked with Prince Rakim, that is, with RZA. After the company Dew Doo Man Records went bankrupt, Paul was out of work and became the godfather " gravediggers " of Gravediggaz. The debut album "Six Feet Deep" (or "Niggamortis",as it was called in Europe) with the singles "Diary Of A Madman", "Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide" and "1-800 Suicide", issued on Gee Street Records, the dynamite exploded on the rap scene, and taught many sons and ghetto daughters not to be afraid of just what they can not understand, having given birth to a style called " horrorcore " (a mixture of hardcore gangsta rap and heavy metal) . Prince Paul produced most of the tracks on the album, and appears to have been for the rest of his father mother and Rzarector, Gryp Reaper Gatekeeper and were ready to eat the microphone, bringing terror crazy chernushny lyrics Gravediggaz. Thanks to the joint with the Wu-Tang clan tour across the United States in the group immediately got a lot of fans ,and critics have dubbed "Six Feet Deep" classic rap. At the time, as Prince Paul continued to produce on the side and released a solo album "Psychoanalysis (What Is It?)" In 1996, and RZA did not get out of his clan, there was an interesting project "Tricky vs. Gravediggaz - The Hell EP", where Tricky handled some things Gravediggaz.People just did not put an end to his hobby Gravediggaz, but in 1997 (immediately after the Wu-Tang clan rocked the rap scene with their superalbomom "Wu-Tang Forever") " diggers " are back in a big rap with his second album " The Pick, The sickle & The shovel "(" Hook, hammer and shovel ") . This time the title is unlikely characterized the content of their songs. For some unknown reasons, Prince Paul refused to produce the album and was limited to only a "outro". On the contrary, dramatically increased the role of RZA, who along with two other producers Wu-Tang clan N Tru Master and 4th Disciple stood for all the tracks of the second offspring Gravediggaz, recorded in two studios (New York and Los Angeles) . No wonder that the group was unable to stay on the same positions, conquered horror stories "Six Feet Deep", and rolled up to the usual sound Wu-Tang, ie It turned into another side project RZA. But,forgetting the stylistic transformations, it should be noted that "The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel" - this is quite a decent little family Wu-Tang albomchik.Iskusstva freehand paint the most vivid picture of real life American urban society and in a simple form to bring them up to four listeners from Gravediggaz not hold -they experienced and felt it all the dirt and injustice of life the hard way. In "Dangerous Mindz" they say that the greatest danger in the ghetto are developed mind of a talented person who can not express himself in good order and is used for black cases. "Twelve Jewels" and "Unexplained" teachhow to survive the Negro in this shitty world. "The Night The Earth Cried" digs deeper, touching on global issues across planety.A tracks like "Never Gonna Come Back", "Elimination Process" and "Fairytalez", demonstrate the true maturity of the black man`s thinking and creativity of the group raised more as a at least one level. So the question is, " in which direction has changed ," in principle, there should not be had. But all parties, Gravediggaz once were bored, or at least be a burden to this type of support practically as Prince Paul.And in late 1997, he said about a possible departure from the band and that Fruitkwon with Poetic must learn independence. RZA, as the main producer of all the projects of his clan, had to sweat since por.V 1998 left about a dozen teams albums featuring Wu-Tang clan, and, of course ,it is worth noting his bold experimental solo album "RZA As Bobby Digital In Stereo", in which Bobby Digital brought before the public that kind of super -bi -boy of our time, turning from " analog " Nigeria in the "digital " (digital) . In addition, we mention and the second solo album Prince Paul "Prince Among Thieves", which also came out last year. Now, Paul, together with other mothers producer Automator (aka Dr. Octagon) finishes work on two projects at once. The first will involve Mike D (Beastie Boys), Brand Nubian, and El-P (Company Flow). This album is currently working title "So How`s Your Girl?" and is a docking rappers and some alternative rockmusicians. The second project is called The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and on it they are working together with Mike Simpson.

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