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The first name of the band was "Mother McCree`s Uptown Jug Champions". In 1965-m was changed to "Warlocks". In the end, after much torment name "Grateful dead" has been selected at random to randomly open a page from the "Oxford Companion To Classical Music".

The initial line-up was as follows: Jerry Garcia (Jerome John Garcia, p 1 August 1942, San Francisco, USA, in August 9, 1995, Forest Knolls, United States ; lider-.. guitar), Bob Weir (Robert Hall, p October 16, 1947, San Francisco,. rhythm guitar), Phil Lesh (Philip Chapman, p March 15, 1940, Berkeley, USA. bass), Ron " Pigpen " McKernan (p. September 8, 1945, San Bruno, United States, from March 8, 1973 ;. keyboards) and Bill Krettsmann (born April 7, 1946, Palo Alto, USA. drums). Familiar musicians Owsley Stanley ,officially engaged in the production of LSD, supplied the group and all its friends their goods in unlimited quantities. Being constantly stoned, the guys writing and recording his music. Their work is an amazing blend of blues, rock, rhythm and blues, enriched with different improvisations. At the time of the release of their first album in 1967, they were already a local cult band.

Sound "Grateful dead" was raw from the point of view of the 90s, but it was cool to give studio album " concert " sound at the time. The next disc "Anthem Of The Sun" was even better.In its creation were used fragments of 17 different concerts and recordings made in four different studios. The most popular things like "The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get" and "Quadlibet For Tenderfeet". The third CD "Aoxomoxoa" includes tracks made ??in oriental style : "China Cat Sunflower" and "Mountains Of The Moon",where the emphasis was placed on the " medieval " harpsichord. In concert, the band played more and longer sets, sometimes up to six hours, and a legion of fans, known as " Deadheads ", relished the possibility of " marathons ". Plainly and do not know who is more took LSD, musicians or fans, but the atmosphere was exciting gigs. Interaction between Garcia`s shrill, flowing solos and bass walks Lesch complement bold jazz chords rhythm guitar Weir.

The structure of the time added a second drummer Mickey Hart (b. September 11, 1943, New York, USA) and a second keyboardist Tom Constantin (he was taken for hedging McKernan ,who had serious problems with alcohol) . It is in this " configuration " in 1970, the group produced the original double "Live dead". Their peak of improvisation is best demonstrated in the "Dark Star" track. This 23 - minute composition is for many the epitome of creativity "Grateful dead".On two subsequent releases "Workingman`s Dead" and "American Beauty" felt a strong influence "Crosby, Stills and Nash", as Garcia took part in the recording of this team. Powerful compositions such as "Uncle John`s Band", "Ripple" and "Till The Morning Come" were diluted sentimental ballads ("Attics Of My Life","Brokendown Palace" and "High Time". These two outstanding albums were like brother and sister, and drew attention to the group a much wider audience.

Paradoxically, "Grateful dead" back to the issue of live sets by issuing a second self-titled double, and after a while Tee "Europe` 72 ". After years of heavy drinking in 1973 McKernan died. Was replaced by Keith Godchaks, taking with him his wife Donna, became the vocalist in the group. Album 1973 "Wake Of The Flood", made ??with a slight bias in jazz, was the most commercially successful album "Grateful dead".On this and the following disk group produced a more mellow sound. Only on "Terrapin Station" 1977 group tried to return to the previous sound. While touring "Grateful dead" flourished, their studio albums enjoyed less demand. Godchaksy did not fit into the team. Donna is often unable to cope with their vocals and Keith hooked on hard drugs. July 21, 1980 he was killed in a car accident.

Disc 1980 "Go To Heaven" with a new keyboardist Brent Midland was made in the manner of a pop and oddly accompanied by their first hit single "Alabama Getaway".All participants of the "Grateful dead" seriously addicted to drugs for many years and, unlike many of their contemporaries, have survived. Garcia, however, in 1982 heroin addiction. This is to some extent explained by its soporific game and weak vocal lately. In 1986, he was close to death, lapsed into a diabetic coma. However, he survived and after seven years of "Grateful dead" back on the music scene with the album "In The Dark". The revival of the group was greeted with wild enthusiasm. Garcia tried to shake off years in drugs of abuse. Although the disc in 1989 "Built To Last" was not very successful, musicians concerts took heat. In August, 1990from a lethal combination of cocaine and morphine, died Midland. Interim replacing him was Bruce Hornsby, until the group came Vince Velnik.

In 1990 came two more live album "Without A Net" and "Dylan And The Dead". The group`s activities were suspended when Garcia is seriously ill with a lung infection. In 1993-94 - m tour continued ,and the team began recording a new studio album. However, August 9, 1995 Garcia suffered a fatal heart attack. The US response to this event was comparable to the death of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley and John Lennon. At a press conference in December 1995 the band members announcedthat they will bury the name "Grateful dead" with Garcia. All of them, except Krettsmanna do later solo projects. In 1998, Lesh was hospitalized with hepatitis, which is why at the time, interrupted his work with Bob Weir in their new project "Other Ones".

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