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American racing driver, a member of racing production cars, who died November 19, 1989, during the last race of the season ,held in Atlanta (Atlanta) - Atlanta Journal 500 Series NASCAR Winston Cup Series.

Grant Adkoks born January 2, 1950 in Chattanooga, Tennessee (Chattanooga, Tennessee). His career began in the Winston Cup in 1974 ,when a young race car driver played for the team his father Adkoksa Herb (Herb Adcox) sponsored by the dealers `Chevrolet` from Chattanooga.

Debut performance Adkoksa Grant, alas, can not be called successful. The competition took place on the track of the complex `Talladega Superspeedway`, and not without various incidents -breaks down the clutch on the car Donnie Allison (Donnie Allison), puffed motor David Sisco (David Sisco). Bettengauzen Gary (Gary Bettenhausen) stopped at the pit -stop after the leaders and was still on jacks when Grant started his car for service.Machine Adkoksa hit the oil slick and the water and crashed right into `Matador` Bettengauzena, holding one of the engineers named Don Miller (Don Miller) between vehicles. To help ran Buddy Parrott (Buddy Parrott), a mechanic from the team Nord Krauskopf (Nord Krauskopf),Penske mechanics and team (Penske) John Woodward (John Woodward) and John Watson (John Watson) is also affected. Miller was taken to the hospital, and eventually he had to amputate his right leg. Learning how severe trauma he inflicted Miller, Grant had fallen into a state of shock, and his car was removed from the race.

Occasionally,For several years, Adkoks continued to perform in the race Winston Cup. He failed to qualify for the Talladega 500 in 1975, but the head of the team of mechanics Lovell Gene (Gene Lovell) suffered a heart attack and died right in the team garage. The car was withdrawn from the race, and ironically, the race was postponed for a week izdue to heavy rains. Instead Adkoksa was to speak experienced racer Tiny Lund (Tiny Lund), who died in a collision on the seventh lap of the race. A second driver, John DELPHUS McDuffie (John Delphus McDuffie), then managed to survive, but he died in an accident during a race at the track Watkins Glen International in 1991. In 1978 Winston 500 at Talladega Superspeedway was the high point for Adkoksa, who finished 5th, which was the best result of his career.

However, if Adkoksa and was then the chance to make a bright career, he was prevented from financial difficulties. A year later he was again left without a sponsor. Ten years, he has performed regularly, including ,and at major competitions, but I never achieved anything like the impressive results. Suddenly, a strong driver, he showed himself to competitions Automobile Racing Club of America, ARCA, won a number of events, and it seemed that success is near.

Adkoks crashed November 19, 1989, in the season finale at the track Atlanta Motor Speedway,and he died of severe head injuries and chest. He also suffered a heart attack as a result of the accident. The investigation revealed that the seat has been installed correctly, and the bounce almost tore the seat of the fixtures. After his death, in the season 1990, new requirements for the safety of cars were introduced. `H.G. Prize was established in his honor Adcox Award`, which is presented annually to his father. In addition, the memory of Adkokse Grant Adcox Memorial held every year on the road North Georgia Speedway.

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