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Place of birth : California, United States

Citizenship : United States


Generous talent land California in 1992 gave birth to another rock formation under a cozy called Grandaddy (" Grandfather " in our opinion). The initiator of the team and its inspirer became Jason Little, a resident of the small town of Modesto, in the musical life - the singer ,guitarist, keyboardist, composer and lyricist.

In his youth, Jason professionally engaged in skateboarding, and would be devoted to this task more than one year, if not for the accident. Serious injuries in both legs, right arm and spine forced him to put an end to his sports career. Kakoe-While he worked at the plant for the processing of industrial waste, but in the early 90`s was determined to devote himself to music, and began building a home recording studio. The first associates who shared his musical tastes have become bassist Kevin Garcia (Kevin Garcia) and drummer Aaron Birch (Aaron Burtch).Both he knew c mid-80s, still at school. In this composition, and it marked the beginning of the biography of Grandaddy. History of the group has evolved slowly and smoothly, to match them slowly, insinuating style of play. It sounded so neopsihodeliya from early Grandaddy, maneuver between Space -pop and indie rock.

Several years spent in rehearsal ,operating time repertoire, recording demo tapes at his home studio. Jason Little, the author of all the songs, was inspired by the realities of a small provincial town. " We grew up in an area where agriculture is predominant, the people here are a little inert and lazy - he later recalled -. I always wrote songs about what he saw around him, that knew ,and never was fond of verbal abstractions. " Regulars local clubs and cafes first listened to the quiet, unobtrusive outpouring of the three musicians. It is worth noting that the band Grandaddy at his concerts were among the first to combine the visual forms of live music and at the dawn of the 90 decorated stage screen TV,which projected a specially selected picture. " Externally, we are not the most impressive group - says drummer Aaron Birch -. We are in a youth were not handsome, and now beginning to have aging We do not excrete any stunts on the stage screen -.. Is a necessary measure, a tribute to the era of MTV It gives viewers. a chance to relax and have fun ".

In 1994 Grandaddy recorded their first EP "Complex Party Come Along Theories", which, however, remained in the archives. A year later, the group leader imagination required new injections. The team appeared two members : guitarist Jim Fairchild (Jim Fairchild) and keyboardist Tim Dryden (Tim Dryden).Grandaddy sound has undergone major changes which went only to the benefit of the group and strongly influenced her fate.

In 1995, an updated quintet made ??another studio work "Don`t Sock the Tryer", which also remained unpublished. Then Grandaddy recorded seven tracks ,united under the name "A Pretty Mess By This One Band". Another fairly chaotic post, is not to avoid accidental impacts and bearing the imprint of different styles, which formed a sound team, the EP included a very nice song "Taster". Producing disk musicians doing their own. This release was enoughto motivate management modest indie label Will Records, which released the EP and proposed Grandaddy do their full-length debut.

In October 1997, the first Long-play team was ready. It was called "Under the Western Freeway", and was a much more mature and strong performance ,although it was created in the same home and was produced independently. At the same free terms - " Do what you think is necessary " - the team began working with a major label, the label V2 is, that a year later reissued their debut. "Under the Western Freeway" not to make noise, but it attracted the attention of the music press. promotersingle "Summer Here Kids", though not shown itself in the charts, was named single of the week in the magazine "New Musical Express". Trying to figure out what they are dealing with, the reviewers compared Grandaddy with bands Pavement, Weezer and Crooked Rain, and especially noted the attractive and yet very simple melodies. Who would they nor compared, it was important one : the team has managed to create a strong album, where warm, sincere and confidential atmosphere combined with a few frivolous sound experiments.

In 1998, the Californian quintet released a small selection of the best tracks of "The Broken Down Comforter Collection".And next year marked the beginning of a new stage in the biography of the team. The first sign was the sound of the updated 1999 EP "Signal to Snow Ratio". In preparing this record, the band tried to freshen up your sound with carefully selected, textural elements of electronic music. Further experiments in this direction recorded on the album "Sophtware Slump", which was published in May 2000. Good rotation on the radio got new tracks "The Crystal Lake" and "Hewlett`s Daughter". On Long plee "Sophtware Slump", the most successful in the band`s career, the band heyday of their sound sparks keyboards ,synthesized sounds of the wind, birdsong, radio interference. Not only the musical landscape has got some surreal, fantastic features, but also the themes of the songs are enriched with new nuances. For example, the composition "Jed the Humanoid" tells the story of a forgotten, drunken android. Other compositions inhabit pilots robotsinterplanetary miners and programmers. Space sadness "Sophtware Slump" in common with the album "Good Morning Spider" Sparklehorse and "OK Computer" Radiohead. Although the band members seriously argue that the desire to imitate these teams have never had.

Promotional tour in support of "Sophtware Slump" Grandaddy were quite pleased. With unconcealed pleasure they recalled the joint statements with Elliot Smith (Elliot Smith), Flaming Lips, Radar Brothers and Home. In 2000 they were considered one of the most successful of his career. In the same year, as always, going their own way and trying to do everything on their own, the band took to create their own page on the Internet ,without attracting specialists, although it had the vaguest idea. they are not very happy with the results, but did not change its principles. They remained faithful and his native land, not leaving a modest Modesto, even when tasted glory and received a real opportunity to move into the epicenter of show business. Participants Grandaddy nothing could lure his hometown. " I decided to go against the flow, - says Little, - to gain a foothold here to stay and this is our chance to create a genuine, sincere music. " In 2002 the quintet released a compilation of unreleased songs and B-sides "Concrete Dunes", and simultaneously preparing his fourth studio Long-play. By tradition, the work took place in the home studio, underwent another modernization. The appearance of the new disc was preceded by the EP "Floating Debris", and after a few months, went out and "Sumday" album in May 2003. This work is in a sense sums up all the musicians traveled path (hence the name : "sum" - sum up) . 12 tracks presented were selected from more than 60 written by frontman new songs. So prolific it was not even ever since the creation of gruppy.Etot creative surge coincided with active tours 2001-02, during which the team played with a very interesting peers : Pete Yorn (Pete Yorn),Super Furry Animals and old friends Ellittom Smith.

On the album "Sumday" the band once again make an attempt to connect two different directions beginning -technological and personal, intimate, and combine them on a musical and textual level. The result was a nice, unobtrusive blend elements of country rock, soft rock and new wave. Especially good team work out the composition of human relations : "Yeah Is What We Had", "The Warming Sun", "Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World" (one of the most heartfelt songs in their discography, reminiscent of Beatles era "Abbey Road"). The main producer, as in the past, made ??the team frontman Jason Little. If still Grandaddy wheels have never appeared in the charts, the fourth album was more fortunate. So far, however, the highest achievement "Sumday" was the only number 84 in the ranking of the Billboard 200.

In support of its fourth album Grandaddy toured actively as ever. This time, they welcomed the audience the most famous rock festivals, not only in the USBut also in Europe, including Glastonbury Festival.

When participants are asked today about the quintet delivered but not yet achieved goals, they did not immediately take to respond. " So much of what we dreamed about became reality. .. - Aaron Birch says -. For example, we were able to play with many people, we have always admired Main now. it seems to me to think about the new album. It would be nice to make a few bucks. .. And I would really like to go on stage again with Elliott Smith`s " Last Aaron have, unfortunately, will not succeed :. Smith committed suicide at the end of 2003. ..

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