Gordon Brown

Picture of Gordon Brown

Date of Birth: 02/20/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Giffnock

Citizenship: United Kingdom


The son of a Presbyterian pastor.

Secondary education in the school of Kirkodi, where he studied for the pilot program, under which students are distributed according to individual abilities. Due to this accelerated program it was later adopted by the History Department of the University of Edinburgh at the age of 16 and graduated with honors in 1972. with a master`s degree. He has learned Masters degree (1972) and a doctorate in history (1982; doctoral work is devoted to the history of the Labour Party and political reform in Scotland in 1918-1929).

From a young age was active in the Labour Party, began to participate in its activities at the age of 12 years.

In 1970, a radical leftist views earned him the nickname "Red Gord." Then evolved towards the political center.

In 1972., While still a student, Gordon Brown was elected Rector of the University of Edinburgh (the third most important post in the Scottish universities, the incumbent represents the interests of students) and remained so until 1975.

In 1972-1975 - Rector of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland Rector represents the interests of students and elected them, as a rule, for three years, the head of the university function takes the vice-chancellor). After graduation he worked in it a temporary lecturer.

In 1976-1980 was a professor of political science at Glasgow College of Technology.

In 1979vpervye he ran for parliament, but lost to the candidate of the Conservative Party.

In 1980-1983 - a correspondent, editor of the department of international relations at the Scottish Television.

Since 1983 - Member of Parliament for Dunfermline East.

In 1983-1984 - chairman of the Labour Party in the Council of Scotland.

In 1987-1989 - Chief Secretary of the Treasury in the UK "shadow" cabinet.

In 1989-1992 - Minister of Trade and Industry "shadow" cabinet.

In 1992-1997 - the "shadow" the Finance Minister (Chancellor of the Exchequer).

In May 1997 - June 2007 - Minister of Finance (the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer) in the Labour government of Tony Blair (the longest nepreryvnoeprebyvanie this post with 1820). With Brown`s activities associated government`s economic successes during this period.

As a colleague of Blair, Brown, at the same time was considered his main rival. One of the main differences between them called the question of the accession of Great Britain into the euro zone: Brown attitude to this idea much more skeptical than the Prime Minister.

June 24, 2007 without competition was elected leader of the Labour Party of Tony Blair instead.

June 27, 2007 was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

He has a reputation for moderate eurosceptic, a member of the social democratic wing of the Labour Party (unlike the Social Liberal Blair).