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"Goorin Brothers": original and creative hats

Brand `Goorin Brothers` - it`s not outdated approach to the art of millinery. The fourth generation of artists continues to be true to the traditions of the founders of the `Goorin Brothers`. Knit team of workers share a common passion for the cultural and artistic values ??, as well as the manual approach, which began with the history of the old `Goorin Brothers` on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania), back in 1895.

It was in 1895, the artist and the craftsman Gurin Kassel initiated the legend, making unique hats, sold well with its carts on streets paved with natural stone in Pittsburgh. Cassel was a true master of his craft. His work on the creation of their unique hats he certainly began with the hat blanks, each of which had its own soul, its own personality. Every person approach to cart Gurin, hatter treated like an honored guest. By adding the right pen, stitching the lining of his hat, or completely changing the disc or patterns ,Kassel has always listened to the wishes of the client, so that none of them was unhappy.

Since 1921, the two sons of Kassel, Alfred and Ted, joined as creative, as well as to the commercial part of his father`s business. When the brothers have fully taken the family business under their control, was born the name `Goorin Brothers`. By 1948 th brothers created Grenadier CatalogIn order to pay tribute to his father`s passion for the rest in the open air and just his ability to enjoy life. family love to stay in the open air have resulted in this new sports line for the needs of hunters, fishermen, tourists, etc.

Alfred moved in 1949 the headquarters of `Goorin Brothers` in San - Francisco ,California (San Francisco, CA) . Such a change in the philosophy of the brand mixed traditions of the east coast with the western lifestyle. `Goorin Mark Brothers`, now known from coast to coast, hats added to the associated accessories, such as gloves and mittens, socks, and a number of sports items.One of the brothers, Ted chose to stay in Pittsburgh, and his love for fabrics and tailoring staff contracted modern `Goorin Brothers`, staying current with information inspiration for the creation of hand-made hats from the line ` Ted Goorin`s Cut & Sew`.

In 1960, an important role in the growth of the company `Goorin Brothers` played the ski industry. Soon, the brand has become the official supplier of hats at the VIII Olympic Winter Games in Squaw Valley, California (Squaw Valley, CA). At the beginning of the 1990s counter-culture influenced the youth movement, which, in turn, had a tremendous impact on a hat fashion. Ben Gurin, the representative of the fourth generation of his family, realizethat the hat could again become an indicator of style, taste and, most importantly, identity. One step ahead of all its competitors, the brand `Goorin Brothers` properly dug into its archives to once again celebrate its triumphant return.

In 2006, the great-grandson of Kassel took the lead in `Goorin Brothers`,seriously aiming to pave way to a bright future of the company, not turning away from it at the same time rich heritage. He used the ` secret retseptami` family Gurin and added modern techniques to headgear once again talking about the two most important features of the ` Goorin Brothers` - authenticity and creativity.

There were times,when stores headgear existed in almost every community in America. Friendly and savvy owners of such stores every day to serve their loyal customers, and today the company `Goorin Brothers` seriously aims to reach the same level of cooperation and again to turn the hat in an essential article of clothing.

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