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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Birthplace : Buffalo, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


This US team ,professing the so-called " mainstream ", it was established in 1986 in Buffalo, where she began her start with performances in local clubs. It is composed of Johnny Rzeznik (vocals, guitar) , Robby Takac (vocals, bass) and George Tutuska (drums) .

His first album "Goo goo dolls" released in 1987. This was followed by a second release, "Jed" in 1988 - m ,seen by critics and received good reviews. This album was released on the Los Angeles indie label "Metal blade". After a while, the band`s popularity has grown, it has attracted the attention of major recording companies. Therefore, the next disc, "Hold me up", was published in the "Warner bros".After its release the group two years continuously toured across the United States, earning a reputation as a concert band.

The next album, "Superstar car wash", even though he was famously worked, but it did not sell very well. Nevertheless, the band did not hang up his nose, and continued to work hard, started to record new material. Goo goo dollsV 1995 "Goo goo dolls" made ??a breakthrough, releasing a great record "A boy named Goo". The accompanying single, "Name", turned out to be from the point on the top of the charts. By the time Tutuska svaliliz group, and his place was Mike Malinin. The team recorded a bunch of soundtracks, including films such as " Ace Ventura 2 "" Tommy Boy " and " Batman and Robin ". After that, "Goo goo dolls" made ??a three-year pause, and many have already begun to doubt that they will ever be able to repeat their success. However, their song "Iris", sounded in the soundtrack of "City of angels" to dispel these fears. This composition was even steeper than the "Name".Almost a year this thing was on top of various charts and became the winner of the contest "Most Played Song" in 1998, and received a BMI Award for "Most Played Song From A Film".

The group won first place in the charts "Airplay", "Modern Rock", "Modern Adult", "Adult Top 40 " and "Top 40 Track"." The Iris " was also presented in three categories "Grammy": " Record of the Year ", " Song of the Year " and " Best Pop artist or group project. "

Goo goo dollsKlip this song a long time spinning on MTV. "Slide", following the "Iris", also reached peaks of the same charts, as well as increased growth of reputation "Goo Goo Dolls",as the creators of a new and accessible music with an unusually wide range of listeners. . In 1998, finally appeared in stores long-awaited next LP group, "Dizzy up the girl". This CD has been accompanied by three hit singles - "Slide", "Broadway" and "Black ballon". The album, which brought a record fees and become a multi-platinum ,It was supported by almost non-stop world tour, which provided "Doll" international recognition and a lot of fans in Europe, Asia and Australia. Regular, full of energy concerts "Goo Goo Dolls" in America, going up to 20,000 spectators, made ??the band one of the most popular musical events in the country.It would seem "Goo goo dolls" were on the wave of success, but it took a full four years before the release of a new studio work, "Gutterflower".

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