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The first part of "Goldfinger" was compiled in 1994. John Feldmann and Simon Williams while working in a shoe store, but this activity gave them little joy, and then they decided to organize their own team.

In search of drummer boys gave them to listen to the recorded film of his friend by the name Darrin ,and he is so admired that immediately gave their consent to participate in the group. Meanwhile, the team left the first guitarist, decided to retrain as professional surfers. John suggested that job to his friend Charlie Paulson, and thus staffing problems have been resolved.

Demo -EP "Richter" has received good feedbackand some songs "Goldfinger" picked up the student radio station. In 1995 the band recorded their first album, which went on sale in spring next year.

GoldfingerV support disc released the single "Here in your bedroom", and shot at him video team added a fair amount of popularity. Besides,clips were filmed for the song "Mable" and "Only a day". In 1996, the team played an incredible amount of concerts. The partners of "Goldfinger" in this time were such commands as "Sex pistols", "No doubt", "Vans warped tour", "Reel big fish". The following year, they released their second LP, "Hang-Up`s".Accompanying his single "This lonely place" has not had as much success as "Here in your bedroom", but gave the group the opportunity to light up in several talk shows.

The song "More today than yesterday" became the basis of the next clip, and heard in the soundtrack of "Waterboy". In the summer of 1998, izmusical differences the team left Simon Williams, and was replaced by Kelly Lemieux of "Electric love hogs". The debut of new bassist was held at the EP 1999 "Darrin`s coconut ass-live from Omaha".

GoldfingerEto EP did not include the original material, and consisted of some covers.The third album " of Goldfinger " was followed by two singles - the American "Counting the days" and the European " 99 red balloons". In support of "Stomping grounds" team and a lot of hard touring, sharing the platform with "Eve6", "Showoff", "Bloodhound gang", "Mest" and others. After a successful European tour the band decidedit was time to make a "live" album and was elected to the case of England. It was there in 2000 and a live album was recorded "Foot in mouth".

In September 2001, Paulson left Charlie and the end of the year the guitar passed to Brian Arthur of Texas gang "Unloco". In 2002, the team moved to a new label "Jive / Zoomba",where he made his debut with the album "Open your eye`s". Squeezer regular tour, "Goldfinger" released a live DVD, and just left after a new CD, "Disconnection notice".

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