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Year of birth : 2003

Age: 12 years

Place of Birth : Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Citizenship : United States


`Gnarls Barkley` - American musical group made up of NewYork producer and musician Brian generalist ` Denzher Mausa` Burton (Brian` Danger Mouse` Burton) and the Atlanta singer and rapper Cee Lo Thomas ` Grina` Calloway (Thomas` Cee Lo Green` Callaway).

Cee Lo was lit for the first time on the American music scene back in Atlanta (Atlanta); he performed as a part of the local hip- hop command `Goodie Mob`,enjoyed a certain popularity in the early 90s. After the release of the third album - and it happened in 1999 - Cee Lo left the group and launched a solo career. In the same year he had played `Do You Like the Way` with Lauryn Hill (Lauryn Hill) on the album ` multiplatinovom` group `Santana` -` Supernatural`.I own the rapper released two albums - in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

Burton, in turn, takes longer producing activities ; so it was he who was engaged in work on the album `Gorillaz` group called ` Demon Days`. International recognition Brian brought his project `Grey Album` (` Grey albom`) - a kind of mixture akapella-Songs `The Black

Album` (` Black albom`) group ` Jay-Z` and melodies with `White Albom` (` White albom`) group `The Beatles`.

Met Cee Lo and Denzher Mouse in 2003 - Greene participated in a concert tour in which Brian has performed as a DJ. Soon they began to work together ; their first song later became the basis of the album `St.Elsewhere`. This album, however, was their first joint project - even before it in the light, they had to work on the songs `What You Sittin` On` (published in 2004 under the logo `Lex Records`) and ` Benzie Box` (? which became part of the album `the Mouse and the Mask` command ` Danger Doom`).

Name - `Gnarls Barkley` (` Gnarls Barkli`) if you believe the stories of Burton, is a fictitious name of some celebrity. At the stage of searching for the name among the rejected options were running ` Gnarls` Prince (Prince Gnarls) and Bob Gnarli` ` (`Bob Gnarley`) - a kind of parody of Prince Charles (Prince Charles) and Bob Marley (Bob Marley). Then the musician of the group `Heavens`,Josiah Steynbrik (Josiah Steinbrick), proposed to use the name of the basketball player Charles Barkley (Charles Barkley); musicians transformed it in the same way, and contented with the result. The name stuck ; in fact, at the very beginning of her career Teams various DJs than once mistakenly attributed them to Barkley composition.The first single group - `Crazy` - was released on April 3 of 2006 ; shortly before the disk was laid out in the network in digital form. Through advertising BBC Radio DJ Zane Lowe (Zane Lowe), the song has become relatively popular. A particular success was enjoyed digital version - in fact, `Crazy` became the first single ever hit-UK charts, rising to 1st place exclusively on sales through the network - from Internet variation had a whole week of odds. In the first place the single lasted nine weeks - another record ; the last time something similar happened in 1994.

Debut album - `St. Elsewhere` - the band released on April 24, 2006-of the UK on May 9, 2006 in the United States.

In early March 2008, saw the light of the long-awaited second album `Gnarls Barkley` -` The Odd Couple`. Again, even before the official release, he appeared on the network ; however, this time it was not a carefully planned action, but an ordinary leak. The disc went on sale only a 25-th of March.

The exact future plans of the group are unknown ; in an interview, however, Xi Luo reported that the exit should be at least one more album

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