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7 times among the ten best riders

American businessman and former race car driver ,co-owner of `Allen-Hock Motorsports`, team, racing the pro- American Association (American Speed Association, ASA). When he was a racer Allen participated in ASA tournaments, races and NASCAR Busch Series (Now - Nationwide Series), and in 1996 won the award ` Newcomer goda` (NBS Rookie of the Year).In the seven years of his career he took part in 113 races. The first race of Allen - Autolite 200 in Richmond (Richmond) in 1992, the last - MBNA Platinum 200 at Dover (Dover) in 2000.

Glenn Allen, Jr. was born on September 24, 1970 in Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati, Ohio). He participated in two races Busch Series from 1992 to 1995 ,error status: 4007 when he again entered the top ten and finished 11th on points. After that he joined the `Akins Motorsports` team (today -` Braun Racing`) and performed in 1999 at number 38 on the `Ford Taurus`. Unfortunately, the results did not please Allen - he is ranked in the top twenty, only five times out of seventeen races ,and soon his place in the team took Striklin Hut (Hut Stricklin). After that, Allen started in six races in the 2000 season, five of them for Felix Sabates (Felix Sabates), but never became one of the top 25 riders and was fired.

Breaking with Sabates, Allen returned to the ASA. Speaking for the team Gebbena Bud (Bud Gebben),he took part in ten tournaments, and nine of them finished among the top ten riders. However, he did not wait offer a permanent contract, and in 2001 performed very rarely. In the 2002 season, Allen emerged as the team`s chief Russ Tuttle (Russ Tuttle), and the following year, as was still interested in the race ,He has signed a contract with Ed Hawk (Ed Hock) on the performances in the ASA Series. Allen later became manager in `Kris Stump Motorsports`, and in 2006 he joined forces with Ed Hawk, bringing to light a new team ,` Allen-Hock Motorsports`

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