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First, the participants did not know Glassjaw or just did not think about anything else, except the game vmeste.Vokalist and guitarist Daryl Pelambo JustinBecca where it was 14-15 years old when they started the business in the long- famous Sea Island parental basements. "We are always working on some hotels ," - said Beck, kotoromu rope 20 years. " We have always been too gruby, pytaas` oppress Metalistov, we were like a skejtbordistov.Nikto do not know how, what to think about us "Glassjaw producer, Ross Robinson, has called this group the " new destroyers R.I.P.". He is famous for his work with Korn and Limp Bizkit, as well as its IAM tag, printed via Roadrunner. Robinson first group listened to just a matter of seconds at roughly recorded demo, and after a few days of IAM / Roadrunner deal was struck straight at the rehearsal. " Ross has appeared in class, -rasskazyval Bek. - We started to sing a song with 5-4-3-2-1. Ross stood up, waved his hands and said : " All that`s enough ! You did it! And I want to do this, namely, I want to make a deal with you ! "- He said. We could not believe it, and to be honest, we are still a few days could not recover from the shock. ". The last two months recording in the Indigo Ranch, Malibu, CA focused and strong, " the first day of performances we did not know what to expect, says Bek. - we began to sing the first song and Ross shouted, referring to Daryl : " Stop! Stop! What is this song? In general, tell me about it ? "- Daryl began to explain to him, and we stopped zasmeyalis.Ross us and made ??it clearthat he was not joking, he says it is quite serezno.On taught us : "The more you hold back, the more you are fooling yourself, and the more you deceive others."

Now was the essence of honesty Glassjaw. From skrezhuschih guitars "Pretty Lush", powerful bass guitar in "One Eight Becomes Two Zeros",rough pop in "Ry Ry`s Song" directly to the melody and emotion in "Motel of the White Locust", debut Glassjaw " said " in view obemah.Tochka Palumbo is the absolute cruelty, but full intuziazma and information. "Times panka- fifties - exclaims on.- College is an art dvattsatogo century - says on., for example, is a metaphor for life Godzilla-, - He explains with a smile Every song that I wrote, called after comparisons with the movie " Godzilla ". Do not laugh at you ! This film has taught me a lot. For example, how to make friends and you uvazhat.Esli morally fallen, you just have to visit Tokyo ! "

Several past years Palumbo was sick very serious disease. " I`m not the most positive person in the world, but for me it is important to share the experience with people, - he says on.- I know what I wanted to hear when I prodiagnozirovali with this incredibly serious disease. And I know what it is to be alone in a hospital room for a long vremya.Ya just a dumb lout, who 20 yearsbut if I can make people not alone, it`s great ! "

Optionally, you listen to the song "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence", but it laid some merit. " This song is built on love, - explains Pelambo.- You can write a song that will be based on hatred, or unrequited love or revenge. The factI`m on normal English talking about what dumayu.I try to express their thoughts clearly. Sorry, but real life is wrong politically. If you say that all this is impossible to relate to each other, then you have never had a broken heart. "

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