Giuseppe Zamboni

Picture of Giuseppe Zamboni

Date of Birth: 06/01/1776

Age: 70

Citizenship: Italy

The inventor Zambonieva Post

Giuseppe Zamboni was born June 1, 1776 the first in Northern Italy (Italy). One source of his hometown named Venice (Venice), in the other - Verona (Verona). Shortly after completing his studies at the seminary in Verona, Zamboni was assigned to the department of physics at the Lyceum of the city.

Zamboni, as we know, began to improve the battery of dry elements - the electric battery, which is not used by the electrolyte. His invention was ready by about 1812 mu. It consisted of several paper / flannel discs coated zinc foil on one side and the other with manganese dioxide; dry with absorbent paper water contained in it serve as a conductor. Such a large number of clubs in stacked pairs in a glass tube (galvanic column), such as voltaic pile, and the electromotive force was enough to create a weak source of electricity, but the duration of action.

Zamboni also put between the two poles dry - with a positive terminal and a negative terminal - light copper ball, and such a structure is called `electrostatic chasy`. This device, in fact, a precursor of the electric clock was called iz-za so that the ball, oscillating between the pillars, looked like a pendulum. Electrostatic watches were unreliable in the timing of the strong dependence on weather conditions and room temperature.

During the experiment, the so-called Oxford Service in Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University (Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University) in 1840 used two high-voltage battery cell. In other words, the experiment involved Zambonievy pillars that differed from the pillars Volta small current and longer battery life. Under the batteries housed brass cup-bells, which range between 4 mm bead on the thread. The ball hitting with the hand bells with a frequency of 2 Hz. The movement of the ball caused a powerful electrostatic field batteries.

Since the beginning of the experiment with the launch of Oxford electric bell has been more than 170 years. The ball is still continues to collide with bells. Naturally, we are not talking about perpetual motion, but Oxford Up demonstrates how long can operate the device in an electrostatic high voltage and low current mode.

Giuseppe was the author of such works as `Della pila elettrica a secco` of dry battery,` L`elettromotore perpetuo` of `vechnom` electricity and` Descrizione d`un nuovo galvanometro`, where there is a description of a new galvanometer.

Zamboni died in Venice on July 25 th 1846.