Picture of Girls

Year of birth : 2007

Age: 8 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Indie -rock with roots in the 1950s

`Girls` - American indie rock band from San Francisco, California (San Francisco, California), founded in 2007, the year. The band`s style can not be determined precisely as a real, live music ,According to the musicians themselves, can not exist within a certain style and napravleniya.Osnovannaya Christopher Owens (Christopher Owens) and Chet White (Chet White) in 2007, the band quickly became popular in the culturally oriented San Francisco ,and some time after the release of their first album of the young musicians learned worldwide. Despite the fact that it became popular, they like the indie rock performers, on the band`s style was greatly influenced by groups from the 1950s and 1960s, where the sound was much heavier and denser than those of contemporary rockers. Most of the songs `Girls` critics rightly referred to as psychedelic rock, surf rock and classic rock `n ` roll.

Christopher Owens was born in Slovenia (Slovenia) in a very religious family, all of whose members have been actively involved in the activities of a religious organization ` Children Boga` (Children of God). Despite the influence of parents ,the boy from the earliest years, had his own opinion, and at age 16 moved to Texas (Texas), where he began his ` real zhizn`. In an interview, he admitted that the family and the Church forbade followers to listen to any music, except that which was stored in the library. Only through movies ,Christopher who, together with other boys secretly watched by adults, he learned that a rock `n ` roll. Shortly after the move, he made ??friends with the local young people, who felt it their duty to show Owens all the charm of a modern society : the constant parties, rock concerts, sea free of alcohol and youthful nihilism. In 25 years, Christopher moved to California, where he began playing `Holy Shit` group. So, at a rehearsal he met Chet White, already fairly well-known bass player in San Francisco. Guys quickly found common interests, as they are almost identical musical tastes. A few days later, they decided to start recording their first album together, on whose name they decided a long time to think, conditionally calling it `Album`. Interestingly, it was the name plate and left in 2009, the year. Besides Christopher and Chet participated in the recording of their friends, mixing and producing the album himself engaged Chet. The album has pleased not only to fans of the group, which in the two years they have accumulated a lot, but music critics, who noted the sound of the collective long-lost notes from the past. Popular music site `Pitchfork Media` praised the album 9.1 out of 10 and put it in the tenth position of the ranking of the best albums of the year. Composition `Hellhole Ratrace` ranked 383rd place in the ranking of the best songs of the 2000s (500 songs of the 2000s).

In 2010, the band released a mini - album `Broken Dreams Club`, which, according to the musicians, is a ` second plastinki` tasting. After months of anxious waiting, 9 September of 2011 ,second studio album was released, entitled `Father, Son, Holy Ghost`.Plastinka just excited the entire music industry : music critics and websites gave the album top marks included in the different rankings and charts ; `Vomit` composition and ` Honey Bunny` were named the best tracks. Even serious newspapers drew attention to the young team : `Billboard` magazine said about plate output : ` His album artist ahead of expectations, probably three of the album forward, summing up the experience of the previous mini- album and the highest ozhidaniya`. The album took 37 place in the rating of `Billboard 200`,and a plate supporting the band embarked on a small tour.

July 1, 2012 on the page, on Twitter Christopher wrote that leaves `Girls`. ` We changed the band every time we went on tour. I never had the feeling that the other musicians around me somehow grow and mature. In our group of 21 was replaced by a musician, a great number of people. 21 Musician - 21 razocharovanie` - Owens admitted in an interview. The musician also said that beginning a solo career ; his first album `Lysandre` was released in January 2013. However the album did not get the same familiar working with ` Girls`, popularity.

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