Giovanni Verrazzano

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Date of Birth: 1485

Age: 43

Place of birth: South Florence

Citizenship: Italy

The first explored the entire coast of the Atlantic Ocean

Italian traveler beginning of the sixteenth century. He produced a series of expeditions to North America for the benefit of the French crown. The first European (from the time of the Norwegian colonization of the country in the area of ??the 1000th year of our era), to explore all the Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Newfoundland (including the New York Bay and the Gulf of Narrangansett).

Verrazzano was born in the south of Florence, a family of aristocrats. About his personal life too little is known. Between the 1502nd and 1513 th Giovanni moved to Dieppe, in Normandy, where he joined the navigator; in this capacity he made several trips across the Mediterranean Sea. In 1523, it was hired by the king of France, Francis I. Giovanni had to explore the area between Florida and Terranova and find out whether the sea passage through the new land in the Pacific Ocean. By 1st March 1524 the first ship Verrazzano "La Dauphine" came to the Cape Fear River; After a short break, he decided to explore the coast further. Giovanni passed the territory of today`s North Carolina and reached the Pamlico Sound lagoon. In a letter to Francis I, he expressed confidence in the fact that here begins the desired passage, which is sure to provide France with easy access to China. This report caused one of many serious mistakes, because of which the contours of America`s exactly appeared on maps only in the twentieth century.

Besides Verrazzano established contacts with local Indian tribes. Passing the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River, he reached New York Harbor; here it cartographers registered a huge lake, which turned out in fact the Hudson River. Next, the expedition headed by Long Island and entered the Narrangansett Bay, where they were again met by the Indians. Reaching Newfoundland, Giovanni collected processed results and headed for France. King liked the quality of the Italian and Verrazzano still twice went to North America.

On the death of a researcher walks are a variety of stories. Most popular reads that the 1528th, at the Florida study, he and a small detachment went to meet with the local, and, unfortunately, met quite aggressive tribe. Others say that he was killed and eaten by Caribbean cannibals. Still others argue that Giovanni was captured by the Spanish military, prosecuted for piracy and hanged. Anyway, the year of death is the same in all versions - 1528th.

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