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God Birth : 1987

Age: 28 years

Place of birth : Tempe, Arizona, USA

Citizenship : United States


The founders of "Gin blossoms" Bill Lin and Doug Hopkins studied together in one of the schools Pace, Arizona campus. A few years after graduation, they put together their first band, "Moral Majority".

Then there were several groups ,but they broke up due to internal conflicts. In 1986, Doug and Bill returned to his native tempo where fouled the next project, "Gin blossoms", borrowing the name from a book by Kenneth Endzher. The original members included Jesse Valenzuela (vocals) , Richard Taylor (guitar) and Chris McCann (drums) . This configuration made ??its debut with a concert at Christmas 1987. The first team left McCann, flown away with his girlfriend to Tahiti, and soon had to oust Taylor.

In 1988, in the "Gin blossoms" came Robin Wilson (guitar) and Dan Henzerling (drums) . The latter, however, did not last long and was replaced by Phillip Rhodes. The staffing situation has stabilized, when Robin switched to vocals and Valenzuela went to rhythm guitar. By type of "Traveling Wilburys" musicians presented the brothers Del Monte. The boys were playing in local clubs, performing mostly covers of other groups. Gradually, however, their popularity has grown ,and the magazine "Phoenix New Times" called "Gin blossoms" the best rock band of the city.

Gin blossomsV 1989 team performed well in the "Southwest Music Festival" in Texas, and the following year she was invited to participate in a "MTV`s New Music Awards" with "Red hot chili peppers", "Ramones", "Neville Brothers" and other. In between these two events is the guys recorded and released on the money first record, "Dusted", which included such tracks like "Hey Jealousy", "Lost Horizons", "Found Out About You", "Cajun Song". With this release of a group drew attention to the recording company. The first proposal came from "Polygram",but the contract was signed with "A & M records". "Gin blossoms" went into the studio in Los Angeles, but the session were crumpled and musicians have returned home empty-handed, thinking that that`s where the relationship with the "A & M" ended.

However, the label released "Up and Crumbling" mini- album, which was met with good listeners.The album sold over 20,000 copies, and the company has decided to send a group on a tour called "Please God Do not Let Us See Our Ex-Girlfriends On The Road". In February of 1992 with producer John Hampton "Gin blossoms" were again in the studio. The result was a "few" more successful than the previous experiment - album "New Miserable Experience" sold over two million copies.

Gin blossomsK Unfortunately, at this time at Hopkins, who is constantly tormented depresnyak, opened a big problem with alcohol. He barely lasted until the end of the sessions, and had to be replaced by Scott Johnson. In 1992 and 1993, respectively "Gin blossoms" dangled in the country with concerts, and in the meantime the label carefully push through their songs on the radio. Soon the station had adopted the singles "Hey Jealousy" and "Mrs. Rita". Doug, meanwhile, tried to create a new project, "The Chimeras", but could not overcome the depression and alcoholism, suicide.Many doubted the ability of "Gin blossoms" to do anything without Hopkins (he was the author of most of the songs "New Miserable Experience"), but the group has dispelled doubts, releasing a good album "Congratulations I`m Sorry". He confirmed the status of " Blossoms " as a large rock - and-roll team, occupying the tenth position in the charts "Billboard"."Congratulations I`m Sorry" received platinum and "Gin blossoms" in the meantime collected stadiums, both in Europe and in America. However, during the tour there was an internal problem and soon rumors of breakup of the group, which were confirmed in spring 1997. Almost all the musicians scattered on different projects, and only Bill Lin engaged in book trade. It took five years before the date when it was announced the reunion "Gin blossoms", when in the summer of 2002, they led the national "New World Disorder Tour".

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Gin Blossoms photo
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