Gilles Garnier

Picture of Gilles Garnier


Werewolf of Doly - Gilles Garnier - was a recluse, living outside the city of Dole in Franche-Comte province, France (Franche-Comt & # 233 ;, France). However, after his marriage, he and his new wife moved from isolated from society at home. Garnier, accustomed to a minimum of comfort and food, it was very difficult to support a wife. On this basis, between spouses constantly quarrels.

In difficult times for the family went missing a few kids, and several have been found dead. The authorities of the province of Franche-Comte issued an order, encouraging and allowing anyone to catch and kill the werewolf, who had to shift responsibility for everything that happens. One evening a group of itinerant workers from the nearby town encountered is that some felt in the dim light of a wolf. The animal was near the dead body of the child. However, others felt that next to the corpse was a hermit. Shortly thereafter, Gilles Garnier was arrested.

According to his testimony at the trial, one night Garnier went into the woods to hunt, to get food for himself and his wife. He was a ghost, who offered to facilitate egobedy. He has given Garnier a miraculous ointment that could turn it into a beast, like a wolf, so it was easier to hunt. Giles admitted that persecuted and killed at least four children between the ages of 9 to 14 years.

According to him, in October 1572 of his first victim was 10-year-old girl he dragged on a vineyard outside the city. He strangled her, took off her clothes and gnawed the flesh from the thighs and arms. Sated, Garnier picked up a piece of flesh home, where his wife regaled human flesh. After a few weeks in the form of Gilles wolf attacked another girl who was bitten and scratched, but a casual passerby scared him and the werewolf disappeared. A few days later the girl died from his injuries. In November, Garnier killed 10-year-old boy, has started to eat his thighs and stomach, and then swept the legs, which are reserved for later. Finally, he strangled another boy, but he could not partake of his flesh, because he was again startled a group of passers-by.

Gilles Garnier was found guilty of `crimes committed after conversion into a wolf, and koldovstve`. It burned at the stake 18 January 1573-th.