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A participant of the reality " The Bachelor " was disconnected from life support machine

Almo is best known as a contestant two ABC reality show ,` The Bachelor : On the Wings of lyubvi` (` The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love`) and `Bachelor Pad`. In addition, the popularity of Almo added, flashing in the magazine `Maxim`. She tried to commit suicide by hanging.

Gia Marie Almo was born December 20, 1983 - GO in Howard Beach, Queens, New York, United States (Howard Beach, Queens, New York),and was the daughter of Eugene (Eugene) and Almo Donna (Donna Allemand). She grew up in Long Island (Long Island), where she graduated from Lindenhurst High School in 2001. Her parents divorced in 1992, and later a divorce. Donna married Micheletti Tony (Tony Micheletti), which, she said, made friends with the GIA even longer

Than her biological father. error status: 400Then she took second place in the fight for the title of `Miss Hawaiian Tropic` and ` Miss Red Hot Taj Mahal Super Bowl` in 2005. Jia appeared in a swimsuit for the magazine `Maxim` in 2007. It was named ` 2008 model goda` a beauty contest ` Miss Bikini SSHA`. A year later, Almo was the best among girls in bikinis at the contest `NPC Arnold Amateur Championships`.

In an interview with Alma she said she always had a passion for performance on stage and acting craft. She was even a professional dancer, but his career had put an end ,after she was injured hamstring and Achilles tendon. Nevertheless Alma began taking acting classes since the days of high school, and then in Hartford College (Hartford College). In 2010, it allocated the role of Ava Gardner (Ava Gardner) in preparing for the shooting of the film about the life of actor Gianni Russo (Gianni Russo).Gianni himself chose Jie, saying that it is not only similar to Ava, but also exudes a passion that egovybrat and made it up.

On television Almo appeared as a contestant of the reality show ` The Bachelor : On the Wings of lyubvi` - so was named the fourteenth consecutive season ABC popular program ` Holostyak`. The first episode aired January 4, 2010 - th. Alma became one of the 24 girls who were trying to win the heart of the American pilot Jake Pavelka (Jake Pavelka). She reached the last stage of the show, but Jake still chose Dzhirrdi Wien (Vienna Girardi). February 18, 2010 th Almo participated in ` Ellen DeDzheneres` (` The Ellen DeGeneres Show`),She told about her life after participating in the reality.

Subsequently, Jia was in a spin-off Holostyaka` ` show ` Bachelor Pad`, which premiered on August 9, 2010 - th. This reality came, men and women who withdrew from the different seasons of ` Holostyaka`. Almost all fought only for a cash prize of $ 250 thousand. ,whereas Almo insisted that she had come to build a serious relationship. She even refused to participate in the competition, where everyone kissed each other, and flew out of the fight in the third episode.

Almo starred in the short film ` Ghost Trek: Report Kinsi` (` Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report`), a horror comedy about paranormal reality show ,where she was given the role of producer Shauna Leibovitz. She repeated the role in the

2013, in a short film ` Ghost Trek: Gumba - Body Snatchers in morge` (` Ghost Trek: Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown`).

on August 12 2013, Almo was taken to hospital in New Orleans (New Orleans) after attempting suicide by hanging. Two days later it became clear that her brain is not able to return to their previous state, and it was decided to turn off the life support machine of Almo. At the time of death, Jia met with basketball player Ryan Anderson (Ryan Anderson).

Several participants ` Holostyaka` expressed their regret on Twitter (Twitter), including Pavelka. He wrote : ` I am completely shocked, I was devastated by the news of Gia. She was one of the nicest people I have ever known. And a very dear friend. At this painful time, I was with her family with all my heart. Today we lost an angel. I miss you Dzhiya`

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