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Citizenship : United StatesBiographyhostface Killah one member of multi-platinum super- hardcore rap commands Wu Tang Clan. He was born in Stapleton Projects, Staten Island NYC. For the first time the voice of Ghostface Killah was heard on the debut LP Wu Tang- and "Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers", but it is also recognized as the most successful solo artist of all Wu Teng.

Between 93 and 94-Ghostface bubbled for years wearing a mask on his face, while removing the clips, and interviews that he wanted to show that he really impersonal. Evil auditory was said that he had long been stored in a police wanted list, and does not want to appear on the eyes of the police, but it was just evil propaganda. Ghostface remained exactly Ghost- th ,until the release of revolutionary debut album Raekwon- as `Only Built 4 Cuban Linx`.

`Only Built 4 Cuban Linx` really recognized as the most popular and successful album of all Wu Teng. It about a third of the space was provided Ghostface- in, and he ordered the place well. He is so much to create one album ,that appeared on its cover with the owner of the album, Raekwon- th. Ghost has developed his own unique style of readability, it uses more slang, rather than anyone else in hip-hop, but at the same time his lyrics is easy and straightforward, but pronounces words clearly and rasstonovki ,any listener can understand what he wants to say in his song. After Raekwon- album release and have to wait a whole year before the release of their debut album, Ghost- and who called himself `Ironman`, and was released in November 1996.

`Ironman` contained the most originality and vigor, contained everything that we`ve come to expect from the Wu-Tang Clan.Ghostface in his album lemonstriroval your own style, combining it with a real taste of Shaolin. It has similarities in taste with his friends in the clan RZA and Raekwon - ohm, so the production of RZA and Ghost album embodied all svob Hip -Hop love, they both loved classic R`n`B and Soul Sound early 70s. The album can be heard from sempai Al Green`a and unsurpassed sampled vocals The Delphonics and The Force MDs. On a cart as `Fish`, Ghost does not forget about the gangster life, he recalls his Gambino- roots. A new member of the Clan Cappadonna, as well as on the album Raekwon- and gets a place on the album GFK ,Both Cappa Raekwon and referred to the album`s subtitle. Fourth SGD on the album `All I Got Is You` became very popular in Europe and America and held on all the pop charts the top positions.

In 1997, there were many rumors about various diseases Ghost, but they turned out to be false, however it turned out,that Ghostface is actually a diabetic and takes medication on a regular basis.

1999 was a terrible year for the Ghost- and he was convicted of armed robbery and spent time in prison Rikers Island. As for the Ghost- and then the experience that he had received in prison only helped him to create his second album. Ghostface Killah released his album ,which was called `Supreme Clientele` in March 2000, the album was quite successful, and at the same time, he has been praised by critics Hip -Hop. Because not very successful 1998 and 1999 to Wu Tengah, during which almost nothing remarkable their fans they`re not surprised ,the `Supreme Clientele` came like a bolt from the sky and became virtually the best Wu- Tang`vskim release of these two failed to Clan year. The album was made under a producer RZA and with other people from the clan that`s just had a lot of help in the development of the album. On occasion of this album has been a lot of discussion and debate ,as the Razor Sharp Records has released two versions of the album, the second was a completely different arrangement, and he was more than an alternative, compared to the first version of the album.

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