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fundament group laid very different people, and they called themselves not Geto Boys, and Ghetto Boys (which looked perfectly on the basis of considerations of spelling) . In 1986, a successful businessman and showman James Smith (nicknamed LilT J), which is owned by the famous hip-hop label Rap-A-Lot Records, has taken the historic decision to create a super rap group, so to speak, of an improvised material (Nigeria, record on his label) . The case of the three brave smile, named Prince Johnny C.,The Slim Jukebox and DJ Reddy Red. Almost two years they played in this format (DJ and 2 MC), but, being infirm, the first two left the group, having finished a mediocre debut album "Making Trouble", a record which also involved a novice Bushwick Bill.Richard Shaw (Richard Shaw), known as Bushwick Bill is originally from Jamaica capital Kingston became a US citizen in his early youth, when his family settled in New York. In 1987, Richard was tired of the bustle and grime of this metropolis and moved to work in Houston, where he was able to get a dancer in clubs, despite their more than modest growth. There-and it was appreciated by the James Smith his excellent musculoskeletal system. And in the same 1987 Bushwick Bill I became a dancer Ghetto Boys.

In late 1988, Smith made ??two timely replacement, and on the left (now T-shirts Geto Boys) Scarface and Willie D., who also had a solo contract with Rap-A-Lot.Jordan Brad (Brad Jordan) a ka Scarface was born in Southern Acres (one of the poorest areas of Houston) , and from childhood was considered a problem child. Due to housing insecurity, his parents were forced to send young Brad to live with my grandparents, where not the biggest mansions huddled eight of his cousins ??.He had no choice but to look for the right connection and go to the street to sell drugs to somehow feed so many mouths (he was the eldest brother) . In 1986, 16 -year-old Brad Jordan wrote on Rap-A-Lot his first single "Big Time" under the name Ackshen (Action, if not to show off) . James Smith has long singled out this guy from a cohort of its rappers and kept it in mind, while in early 1989, Brad "Scarface" Jordan did not need him to resupply Geto Boys.

At the same time developed and the fate of his fellow countryman Dennis Williams (Williams Dennis) aka Willie D.Willie was born and raised in the 5th Ward (another area of ??Houston) . Reading rap with a very young age, Negro played anywhere and often for nothing. For some crazy chance and Dennis James Smith sheared at the same hairdresser and did not differ reticence, which allowed the barber to mediate. He knew,that Willie good at rapping, and Mr. Smith, to his knowledge, engaged in the search for rap talents.

So Dennis phone number turned out to be the president of Rap-A-Lot, and Willie began his professional career as a solo rap, and then together with Scarface Geto Boys came in the distribution. Quartet was difficult to find a common language ,but talent and a great desire to become famous overpowered temporary lack of understanding. Their first album together decided to call "Geto Boys", because in a sense it was a debut. When legendary producer and manager of LL Cool J, Slayer and the Beastie Boys, Rick Rubin heard it,He suggested the children to remix their songs and released a new version of the album titled "Grip It On That Other Level" on his own label Def American Records after David Geffen and his record label (records distributor

Rap-A-Lot) refused to distribute the disk group. The reason for refusal was the presence in the composition of the album "Mind Of A Lunatic", describing feelings and emotions necrophiliac, bent over the lifeless body. The disc sold through a network of Giant Records and enjoyed well-deserved success with the connoisseurs of reality, as well as recording Ice-T and 2 Live Crew, who are faced with the same problems two years earlier. Texts "Let A Hoe Be A Hoe", "Scarface", " Loud TalkinT AinTt Saying Nothing" were not just meaningful, they are loud slogans without struggling to update the black man`s consciousness.

Pushing with low start, Geto Boys began to catch up in the fight for the title of the true rap crews of his time,Using unpopular among his colleagues "live" musical instruments, and gradually developed into a favorite target of stinging attacks on the part of political leaders, who are used to blame all the problems of the criminal America exclusively black, rappers and their ilk. The group began to shock some senior White House officials, led by the controversial baba C Delores Tucker and frostbitten racist Senator Bob Dole, who soon turned into personal enemies Geto Boys. " Tell me, what or who does the most damage to American society - sarcastic remarks Scarface -. AIDSviolence or recording rappers ? Stop searching for scapegoats among blacks alone and in our music, because music does not create these problems. Rappers, on the contrary, urged to use condoms. " And he was sure that the censorship of rap many do such fabulous " grandmother "that even the most commercially successful black brothers never dreamed earn.

Their second album "We CanTt Be Stopped" demonstrated that the work Geto Boys - not for the faint of heart. Many had to overcome his disgust when they first look at this album cover. Poor Bushwick Bill! While not very amicable dismantling his girlfriend small-caliber pistol accidentally shot him in the right eye, and what was left of the eyeball, of course, immediately emerged. The moment when Scarface and Willie D. carry the wheelchair of his friend ,and along with a separate in-depth picture of the lost eye " decorated " the cover. And it was still hot inside the album. Underground hit "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" should be immediately counted among the greatest works ever gave birth to the rapper`s mind, and the album became a " platinum " even without the support of the radio.

Unfortunately,in 1991, the Geto Boys once again suffered heavy losses. First he left and has not found a common language with other DJ Reddy Red (pres. Collins Layset name) , and then finally fell out on Scarface and Willie D. creative soil, representing two eternally warring Houston area, and Willie also said goodbye to the group. Two years it koehow to replace Big Mike, but Geto Boys fans were not happy with the new composition. After the collection of "Uncut Dope: Geto BoysT Best" and another Gangsta album ("Till Death Do Us Part") the boys dispersed to their ghettoes in the hope that will be the best for them at that time to hold solo.

I must say that all this came about equally well.Especially distinguished Bushwick Bill, who in 1995 before the release of his second album "Phantom Of The Rapra" (the first being "Little Big Man" in 1992) because of the great love of Mozart, money and mother changed his nickname to Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwickin

The Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Billstir (what !) . As for Scarface,he opened his own label InterFace Records, released three autobiographical album ("Mr. Scarface Is Back", "The World Is Yours" and "The Diary"), in 1993 he shot a police officer (who was not in the performance) , and Scarface later arranged disassembly " area in the district" with a gang of Willie D.He took some not very kind place of the album Willie ("Controversy", "I`m GoinT Out Like Soldier" and "Play Witcha Mama") at his own expense, and the two companies have met face to face in one of the clubs in Houston. The massacre was attended by over 300 blacks. Half of them could not to leave the battlefield without assistance ,and some even died on both sides. Here it is, street justice! After the unfortunate events, you would not hear Scarface Records on 5th Ward and would not see niggas in bikes with a portrait of Willie D. in South Park. No one wanted to risk his life. .. The long-awaited hour of reconciliation came when Willie personally addressed the mother of one of his friends ,who was killed during that disassembly. She dropped to her knees and tearfully asked him to stop this senseless war authorities, and it is very touched Willie D. " My mother lost her son forever, - thought to myself, Willie -. And this was partly my vina.Eta woman worried me and begged to calm down whileinside I still seething hatred, but deep down, I still believed that it will soon end the world. " In general, Houston, as I said, not a rich city, and professional studios in it a little bit. Therefore, Scarface and Willie D., producers youth groups, often had to meet. And then one day ,when they once again faced the door, surrounded by bodyguards, was that sooner or later was going to happen. Willie admitted that all this time the fans did not take it separately from the Geto Boys and constantly interested in, when they come together again with Bushwick Bill and Scarface.And Scarface old tradition offered to clear the sight of all who remember his past (Bushwick Bill was close to him and somehow very offended) .

From the side it might seem that this reunion is no exaggeration great band was on monetary soil, but you know that it is not. Bushwick even said ,let it better hate for what it is rather than be love for the opposite. Thus, while remaining relatively young people, these three blacks once again considered it my duty to tell you about the most beautiful and not very moments of life in the South America and zabombit new album "Resurrection". New songs showthat veterans have changed little emotionally and politically, as well as remain unresolved problem of black citizens in many countries of the world ("The World Is Ghetto" - aptly noticed) . The "Blind Leading The Blind" they are interested in how the new generation of blacks can achieve a better life when they are older brothers their quarrels and violence ,raised to the rank of the ordinary, show them a bad example. "Point Of No Return" disgraces the US government, which have little interest in the problem of the periphery. And only "Geto Boys & Girls" they address their fellow countrymen, the ghetto, where they have a lot of fans who were desperate to hear something new from the Geto Boys. In short, these negros nakonetsthen took up the search for possible solutions to the problems of his brothers, and not just continue to cover these issues.

But it was too early to rejoice. Two superalboma Scarface over the past two years (produced by Dr. Dre "The Untouchable" and a new double "Me & My Homies") and a recent solo Bushwick Bill "No Surrender, No Retreat" alarmed and not in vain. Geto Boys released at the end of this year, the new album "Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly", but it was Scarface and Willie D, are mixed with gangsta- rap party- rap. Bushwick is gone, and it is unlikely to replace the enormous army of third-party rappers who helped Geto Boys in the disc recording, namely, Yukmouth, DMG, The Outlawz, Devin, Young Gotti, Tela,Ghetto Twinz, Gorilla Click, Mad Dogg, 007 and Doracell.

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