Gesia Gelfman

Picture of Gesia Gelfman

Place of birth: Mozyr

Citizenship: Russia


According to many historians, Hessia Gel`fman born in 1852 or 1853. Born in 1855 adopted on the basis of her testimony during questioning.

Hessia Gel`fman born in the Belarusian town of Mozyr, in the orthodox Jewish family, where radical anti-Christian sentiment prevailed. She did not share these opinions, and in 16 years has left the house. First she got a job at a garment factory in Kiev, where he became friends with some revolutionary circles.

In the 1870s, he has been repeatedly arrested for his revolutionary activities. Then she met with Narodnaya Volya Nikolai Sablin, who became later her civilian husband, with whom she lived under the name of Elena Grigorievna.

After the assassination of Czar Alexander II, Gel`fman was arrested along with other prominent Volya. When arrested, Sablin committed suicide. During the interrogation Gel`fman admitted that she is a member of the "Narodnaya Volya", but denied its involvement in the attempt on the king, despite the undeniable facts. Along with five active participants in the assassination, he was sentenced to be hanged, but on sentencing she announced her pregnancy. Medical examination is confirmed, and the sentence was postponed, because according to the laws of the then execute pregnant women were forbidden because of the innocence of the child. After birth, the death penalty was commuted to life Gel`fman hard labor.

However, labor is more severe, with complications in the absence of medical care. Shortly after the birth of the child and not receiving care physician, Gel`fman died in prison of a purulent inflammation of the peritoneum, which developed as a result of untreated postpartum complications.