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HOBBIES State King of Arms

1994 State King of Arms appeared in Russia. Decree of President Yeltsin he was appointed George Vilinbakhov. A historian by training, he has been working since 1969 in the State Hermitage. Started as a keeper of a collection of banners and military graphics, since 1992 - deputy director of the museum. In 1999, he led the Heraldic Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

- George V., at the same time to manage and deal with the state herald the Hermitage, to put it mildly, difficult? You did not think chto-nibud choose one?

- Combining easy, but I do and I will do both, and others, because I`m interested. If kakoe-to of these two directions did not gave me satisfaction, I would, of course, give it up.

- You had a lot of work in connection with the ceremony of inauguration of the president?

- Not, no so much. The ceremony was held under the same scenario as the last time, so most of our work was carried out four years ago.

- So we can talk about the emerging tradition?

- Yes, the more ceremony in 2000 largely repeating the inauguration of President Yeltsin in 1996. Another thing is that a number of things yet been changed. Personally, I think that the current version successfully.

- Work on the creation of the country`s main ceremony interesting?

- Create any ceremony, any action - it is unique and very interesting work. When there is such a need, I`m happy to do it, but we do not develop a public ceremony as such - our work is connected with their heraldic design. However, in some cases we do rituals, as it was the burial of the remains of the royal family.

- We know that you have good relations with the current royal family, could you tell us about this acquaintance?

- I would not speak about the house of Romanov as a whole. With many members of the families, we almost did not meet. Another thing that I have friendly relations with the head of the Romanov Family Association of Prince Nikolai Romanovich and his brother Dimitri Romanovich.

First, I met with Dimitri Romanovich. It was in Copenhagen in 1993. I, along with other leaders of the St. Petersburg Museum was invited to Denmark, the trip went very interesting and useful. During one of the meetings I found myself next to a very elegant gentleman. We got to talking.

I knew that the Prince Dimitri Romanov wrote a book on the history of orders, in addition, he was repeatedly mentioned my good friend Prince George Illarionovich Vasilchikov. We discussed the exposition which we have both caused some confusion, then, word for word, moved on to other topics, was mentioned George Illarionovich, and the presence of friends in common, as is known, brings. Over time, our acquaintance turned into a warm and friendly relations. I`m glad I helped Dimitri Romanovich to work on the next book.

- It is believed that each person has a "main" book "or a book, you agree with that?

- For every age, every situation has its authors for every mood. The impression of things is largely determined by whether or not it is time to read. It is necessary that state of mind has got to resonate with the book.

- Are you like that happened?

- Kogda-to struck me, "Princess Mary" and then touched almost to tears "Eaglet" Rostand, then were "Three Comrades" Remarque ... At the time, I was shaken by a story, if I am not mistaken, Nagibina. The story of the son of his father. The action takes place in the Stalin years, and there are plenty of scary parts. How, after the arrest of his father, at night there was a continuous call, all froze, because the night calls could only mean one thing, as it turned out, that on the stairs to open the window and pressed the button. All experiences transferred so that it seems: it is happening to you now.

Literature - is a miracle how the music. It`s amazing how much a composer hears sounds that connect to the ringtone as makes playing instruments, creating a finished product that delights and excites. The same literature. One can only admire people who have the gift of the word pass through so much.

- A contemporary authors do you read?

- Unfortunately, it is very rare. No time. Too many have to read in the profession. The same applies to movies. It remains to be comforted that when I retire, I will read for pleasure and get finally to all the books, which are prepared and waiting in the wings.

- In recent years there have been quite a lot of people in obscure forms with obscure characters differences and no known awards. How do you feel about it?

- Speaking from a professional point of view, the heraldic office in such things not engaged. This whole initiative has nothing to do with the system of state awards and state uniforms suit.

Any citizen can make himself any attire and hang on any tchotchke. Any public organization opyat-taki can have their costumes, awards, insignia, grant komu-to titles and ranks, we have to treat it safely. Well met three people have created a society of fans of beer, came up with his uniform and a special character, in that terrible? Adults, too, have the right to play. Someone calls himself an elf or a goblin, someone - Count. It is only necessary that it does not violate any applicable law on state symbols and state awards. All the rest - for God`s sake.

- This means that the state does intervene in some cases?

- The state can intervene and stop this masquerade, if amateur costumes and awards will be prior to the mixing step coincide with the current state. It is impossible to award a public copy, for example, the star of the Hero of the Soviet Union or the star of the Hero of Russia, otherwise sooner or later there will be willing to play at such a similarity, assigning powers and privileges of others.

If someone is using his rattle deliberately gets something that is not right, it is an elementary and a fraud subject to appropriate penalties.

- What do you think of the so-called "re-enactors", imitating the old military uniforms, medals, flags?

- It is quite a decent job. As regards shaped suit, then there are no issues. Harder with awards and banners, and hold themselves reenactors on the issue directly opposing views.

Some believe that sin is not to be copied, and why people ascribe themselves to this or that once existed a shelf, not to make an exact copy of the battle flag of the regiment. Historical reenactment is a kind of theater, and artists take the stage in any orders, and no one is shocking.

Those banners and awards to include more reverently believe that the symbols of honor of the military unit and the signs of personal valor can not be a toy. The debate on this subject is a long time, but this is perfectly normal and no problems and the more reason for government intervention is not here.

- About you say that you are fond of jazz, tin soldiers and cigars. It`s true? If you can, tell us about your hobbies.

- I love jazz, but passion - it is something more, it implies active actions require time and significant. With me it all comes down to the fact that choosing what music to listen to, I prefer jazz. Of course, this does not mean that jazz supersedes everything else. I love military music and military marches gather. On the plates, cassettes, and now and on disks.

I do not understand why you need to arrange all the places, something first, something - a second, something - the third. You can love and jazz, and classical music, and military music, the other one does not interfere. Here the modern stage I really perceive in the least.

- If we are talking about the marches ... How do you feel about the conversations that many Soviet marches in fact written before the Revolution and, in fact, stolen?

- Who says? And about which marches? I love the precision and the profession imposes certain imprint. The word "say" I am not happy. It`s one thing when the music historian says that the march, which was called and executed togda-to tak-to actually been written five years earlier by the composer takim-to. Everything is clear, as is the case with the famous "Varyag" - there is a historical fact that no one thinks to hide. As for the continuity of military music, the reason for it is obvious. In the first years of Soviet power by the military musicians, Kapellmeister were the same people as before the revolution. And they played the same music as in the Russian-Japanese war, and in the Russian-German. This music, incidentally, is still alive today.

The repertoire of the military bands today expanded, including at the expense of old tunes, but "Farewell of Slav" and "Nostalgia" performed under Lenin and under Stalin and Brezhnev. Nobody said that, for example, "Old Jaeger March" written after the revolution, did not try to pass it off as a Soviet. For those interested in the history of military music, the authorship of the old marches was neither a mystery nor a secret that hard to hide.

- Now about a tin soldier. Your collection is still replenished?

- Yes, at every opportunity. Recently I was in Munich, went to the antique shop, which sells toys, and bought the old soldiers.

- And how do you feel about collectible soldiers who are doing right now?

- These figures I would not considered as toys, but as a kind of small plastic. At least as a museum worker, I define them that way. This statuette, designed for decorating the desk, bookcase, bookcases. It is good that they are, but this is a different genre, and tin soldiers - is primarily a toy, they have appeared as such. They can be used for the reenactment of battles, and the game in the truest sense of the word.

- Why do you smoke cigars it?

- Because I like it. Cigars - is primarily a sense of taste. And this assistance in thought. Everyone has things that help to concentrate.

- And with the hand it seems that the cigar - it attribute rest, though aristocratic.

- Cigar help either relax or, conversely, to come into operation.

- Do you smoke only cigars? What about pipes and cigarettes?

- Tube - smoke cigarettes - no.

- Is considered bad form?

- No, why ... I just do not like the taste. There is also an additional reason - professional. All my conscious life is connected with the Hermitage and the Museum, the repository is strictly forbidden to smoke.

Smokers need to jump out of the vault, kuda-to escape gde-to stand quickly tightened. So work to some degree determined that cigarette - it`s not mine. Cigarette - is vanity, haste and cigars, pipes require a calm environment. Cigars, by the way, unlike cigarettes do not inhale. Cigar smoking can not be on the run.

- There is a certain cliche, given to us in English literature. The man with a cigar or a pipe by the fireplace and beside the dog. Do you have a dog?

- There is. I do not know how you can live without a dog!

In my life there were three dogs. The first was a shepherd, Charlie, whom my parents brought when emerged from the communal, where they lived with her grandmother, grandfather and aunt. Six people in one room - it is quite difficult. Of course, about any dog ??could be no question, but it was our family`s dream.

In 1968, parents were able to buy a cooperative apartment on Prospect Gagarina, and we move on the eve of the club took the puppy. He grew up a wonderful dog - smart, handsome, with amazing snout. He lived for his breed we have for a long time, and then he was gone, and we vowed that more dogs, we will not.

- But the oath could not keep?

- It took a while, and we realized that without a dog we do not live. There was a problem - someone to take. First they said that anyone, but not shepherd. Then he decided - no shepherd, but not this, what was Charlie, not black & yellow ...

As always happens in such cases, all came by itself. Our neighbor knew about our suffering and take action. One day the doorbell rang, we opened, and we entered a miracle on four legs. So we have a second shepherd, he too long we have lived, but, unfortunately, a lot of hurt. After his death, we have tried not to give up the dog. Our friend advised not to fool around and take a shepherd. Say, we have poisoned this breed and take someone else`s stupid.

This makes some sense - each breed has its own psychology, their habits, and we managed to become a proprietary ovcharochnikami. Still life again judged on its own, and now we live Cocker spanielsha Manya. White, with pale yellow spots and freckles - absolutely lovely creature. Cockers - all amazing dog.

- George V., you television series "Inspector Rex" by chance, do not look?

- As it turns out, I look, how else. There`s protagonist - a shepherd, and I still ovcharochnik. And I really love "Dog Show". It is remarkable that in our in general unkind television have such a program. In my opinion, one of the best. I rejoice that there are such wonderful dogs and such nice owners.