Georgy Gapon

Picture of Georgy Gapon

Date of Birth: 02/17/1870

Age: 36

Place of birth: Belik

Citizenship: Russia


Gapon Georgy Apollonovich (1870-1906). He studied at the Poltava seminary, after which he served some time Zemsky statistician. At the insistence of his wife he received the priesthood, and then quickly entered the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, and at the end of last won a seat in St. Petersburg transit prison. While still a student of the academy, was associated with the workers and made friends with the chief of the Moscow Police Department Zubatovs et al. The highest ranks of the police, in the service of which was all the time of its activity in the workers` organizations. In the same year he founded in St. Petersburg "Society factory workers," according to the type Zubatov organizationsAbout was its chairman. At the beginning of 1904 Gapon circle working printing business was organized, which by the end of the year totaled to 70 - 80 people. Circle opened on Vasilyevsky Island tea, which hosted talks. Referring to his contacts with the police, he explained to Gapon them that they needed to perform the tasks of his organization. Dreaming about the device clubs all over Russia to unite all workers, suggested a total economic outbreak of present political demands. During their conversations, and developed some of the provisions of its future petitions. By December 1904 Gapon society of factory workers had already regional organizations around Petersburg. Despite the distrust of class-conscious workers and warnings of the Social-Democratic organizations, Gapon managed to combine a large number of workers in their organizations. Strike the first of January 1905 and the onslaught of the working masses forced Gapon society to assume the leadership of the movement. Instead of the revolutionary struggle of the spontaneous movement of the masses was directed to the path of Gapon petition before the king. He has personally performed in the last days before the Jan. 9 at all meetings of the district, saying all hot incendiary speech. During the procession to the Winter Palace he was wounded but rescued by his friends. With SR engineer Ruthenberg, he fled abroad. In Paris, it was tried to fit in with the revolutionary organizations, met several times with Plekhanov, but found a complete ignorance of political matters, ambition and lust for power. Later, he became estranged from revolutionary organizations, not without reason to suspect him in connection with the secret police. After the October (1905) amnesty politicians returned to Russia once again started a relationship with the secret police, received from her task - to rebuild society factory workers, received the money, even intended to publish his newspaper, but the March 28, 1906 at the cottage near St. Petersburg, in Ozerki, he was killed in the same Rutenberg.