Georgiy Zalesskiy

Picture of Georgiy Zalesskiy

Date of Birth: 04/11/1925

Age: 80

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born on 04.11.1925, in Moscow, a psychologist. He graduated from the correspondence department of the historical faculty of the Moscow State University. MV University (19, 52) on a specialty - history; graduate studies in psychology at the Institute of General and Educational Psychology APN RSFSR (1965). He taught at Moscow University from 1973 g .: Associate Professor (1978-1985); st.n.sotr. (1985-1993); Leading Researcher (since 1993). PhD (1966); Doctor of Psychology (1991); the title of professor (since 1994) in the Department of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy. He died February 26, 2006.

C after the end of the 1st Military Infantry Red School. Supreme Council of the RSFSR participated in combat operations as a commander of a rifle platoon, company 973 Red Regiment 270 Infantry Division on the 1st Baltic Front (1942 - 1944). After treatment in hospitals passed the external examinations for secondary school and in 1947 enrolled at MSU. C was awarded the Order of the Red Banner and medals.

Areas of research: educational psychology, educational psychology. Thesis: "Formation of receptions of mental activity (in the process of solving problems in the assessment of social phenomena)"; Subject doctoral dissertation: "Psychological bases of formation of opinion" (1991). In the first phase the scientific activity focuses on the problems of the internal world of the individual students, namely examined the place and function of ideology and belief in the personality structure, conditions of their formation, since 1993, . - examines the features of formation and interaction of rod for adolescence world entities and self-concept study results: in a series of papers the first direction to form a new non-traditional value-Day-telnostny approach to the study of problems of formation and functioning of their own students` outlook With it obtained the data.. the function and place of ideology and belief in the structure of the personality, the character of their interaction with the other components (motives, attitudes, self-esteem, aspirations). formulated the basics of psychodiagnostics and correction levels of formation worldview, beliefs and values ??of students; traced age dynamics of their development. In a series of papers the second direction to obtain data on a statistically significant change (under the influence of the emerging world) in a number of important characteristics of self-consciousness (sa-mootnosheniya, self-esteem, internality); It was able to show the close relationship between the nature of the method of personal orientation of students (situational, conformal, philosophical) and the characteristics of the construction of the self-concept.

Z. taught courses "Pedagogy", "Educational Psychology" on the historical and philosophical faculty of Moscow State University; special course for students of the Faculty of Psychology, "Psychology of worldviews and beliefs of the individual"; course "Evaluation and motivation of correction exercises." Z. speaker at Int. conferences (1970 g.- Tbilisi, 1972 - Berlin, 1980 - Leipzig, 1987 - Blagoevgrad, 1988 - Sofia).

Total number of publications - 74, of which the main ones: On the formation of students` scientific attitude to social phenomena // Problems. Psychology 1966, number 3; Algorithmic analysis of the thinking of athletes in the game // Problems. Learning algorithms and programming. M., 1973; Psychological issues of identity formation of opinion. M., 1982; Conditions of formation of the unity of the cognitive and motivational components of learning // Actual problems of modern psychology. Between materials. Conf. M., 1983; Psychology students` outlook and beliefs. Moscow, 1994.