Georgiy Vulf

Picture of Georgiy Vulf

Date of Birth: 06/22/1863

Age: 62

Place of birth: Nizhyn

Citizenship: Russia


Wolfe George (Yuri) V. [10 (22) .6.1863, Nizhyn - 12.25.1925, Moscow], the Soviet crystallographer, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1921). In 1885 he graduated from the University of Warsaw. Professor Kazan (1897), Warsaw (1899) and Moscow (1918) universities. In 1911 vmestes best professors left the University of Moscow in protest against the reactionary policies of the Ministry of Education and went to the People`s University. Shanyavsky. In 1917 he returned to Moscow University.

B. invented intuitive graphical method for processing the measurement results of the crystals using the stereographic grid, which received its name. I gave a new way to display all the groups of crystal symmetry. B. also belong in the field of crystal growth, the study of liquid crystals and crystal optics.

For the first time Russia has put experiments on X-ray diffraction studies of crystals. In 1913 he discovered the law of the interference of X-rays, reflected by atomic planes of the crystal, and regardless of WH Bragg brought the basic formula of X-ray diffraction (see Bragg -. Wolfe`s condition).