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Kornienko fellers, veteran, war veterans, was born in the city of Tver province Volochok Vishny (Tver region). After the end of the tenth year of secondary school in 1940 he entered the Naval School of Business in the city of Vyborg. When the war began, the school was evacuated in Leningrad. From the second year students, which include and George, cadet battalion was formed. They were sent to the front, and two months later, they fought with German troops near Oranienbaum (Lomonosov). Of the 400 students of the school, then gone to war, we survived only 9V October, George was injured and was sent to a hospital in Leningrad, where at that time had already begun the blockade. The city had to overcome 200 km on foot. All the distance he and the other seriously wounded soldiers had to drag myself. Since the autumn of 1941, famine in Leningrad, from which only 53 died in December, thousands of people. Several hundred thousand people were evacuated from Leningrad across Lake Ladoga on the only route that connected the besieged city to the mainland, the so-called Road of Life. After George was discharged from the hospital, he was guarded by the Admiralty. He later recalled, as it came to the Admiralty to die locals. At first he did not understand why. It has a lot of people who are first asked to warm up, sit down somewhere in a corner, and then, when they are missing, they were already dead. As told colleagues doomed knew that the sailors bury the dead, and not just left on the street. Piskarevskoe cemetery became the last refuge for the blockade. Total in this cemetery in common graves for almost 900 days of the siege were buried more than 400 thousand of Leningrad.

In Leningrad was mass starvation, people sold the last to buy even a loaf of bread. Kornienko remembers that cold winter, have wanted so much that eating even dreamed of. But even during the siege, he did not lose hope in the fact that the victory will be on the side of the Soviet people. When the Germans forced to retreat from Moscow, the soldiers were inspired, hope strengthened. With great perseverance, work continued at defense plants, repaired instruments.

Bombed Leningrad, the city gradually turned into ruins. According to various sources during the siege of Leningrad died from 400 thousand to 1 million people.