Georgiy Ushakov

Picture of Georgiy Ushakov

Date of Birth: 01/30/1901

Age: 62

Place of birth: village of Lazarevo

Citizenship: Russia


Georgy Ushakov (17 (30) .1.1901, the village of Lazarevo, now the Amur region - 12.03.1963, Moscow), Arctic explorer, Doctor of Geographical Sciences (1950).

From childhood, George Ushakov distinguished by curiosity and thirst for knowledge. His teacher was his father - the only literate person in the Lazarev. The first "university" for Ushakov became the Taiga.

At age 11 he moved to Khabarovsk and entered in the Commercial School im.P.F.Unterbergera. Lived in a doss house, working newspaperman, customs scribe, apprentice hairdresser and jeweler.

Here in 1916, there was a meeting with Ushakov famous explorer of the Far East, a wonderful writer V.K.Arsenevym. Seeing a young man in the original skills and hard work, Arsenyev invited him to participate in his expedition. Arsenyev played a decisive role in the future of George Ushakov. Since that time, I began their friendship that lasted a lifetime. Perseverance, energy, ability and desire to work with people, organizational skills Ushakov were soon in demand: the decision of SNK of the RSFSR of 10 July 1926 he was appointed head of the expedition to Wrangel Island. Since then, Georgi Ushakov forever linked his life to the Arctic.

Landed with a detachment in the amount of 59 people in the desert, a desert island, Ushakov took the first steps for its development and the description (it was created a detailed map of Wrangel Island), was the first governor of the islands of Wrangel and Herald, I studied the life and customs of the Eskimos.

In June 1930, George A. on to develop their own plan went together with N.N.Urvantsevym, V.V.Hodovym S.P.Zhuravlevym and conquer the Severnaya Zemlya. And for two years (1930-1932) made an incredible four brave: they described and made the first map of the vast Arctic archipelago of Severnaya Zemlya.

In December 1932 he was appointed first deputy head of the newly created Chief Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. A new period in the life of a researcher. Since 1934, he authorized the government commission on the rescue of the crew and passengers of the steamer "Chelyuskin", which sank in the Chukchi Sea.

In 1935, George A. headed the first high-latitude expedition on the icebreaker "Sadko". As a result, committed scientific discoveries raised the world record free floating within the Arctic Circle (82