Georgiy Martirosyan

Picture of Georgiy Martirosyan

Date of Birth: 01/31/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: Rostov-on-Don

Citizenship: Russia

Georgy Martirosyan. The partisans

Author: Svetlana Kuzina

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- Your fellow actors say that you are always calm. Can you recommend, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living"?

- Someone shows their concern, while others hide it. Although concern for all missing. Let`s just say I`m not selfish in that sense. And most people are selfish and self-centered to expose its general consideration. I know I can control myself. After all, many things can be digested within yourself and stop unnecessary processes. Of course, anyone can bring up the fact that he will shout, to send anywhere ... But we must still be able to hold back and to approach the issue philosophically. To me often turn in conflict situations, asking what to do. I said: "First of all - calm. Let`s sit down and calmly tell me what`s wrong. " And when I hear in response: "No, no! I can not calm down, "- I say:" Then it will not work, because you release negative energy can only aggravate the situation, break, ruin and dorazrushit until the end so that it would be impossible to collect. " Reason and culture should prevail first. A intemperate people - just weak. Or absolutely selfish, only listen to themselves and perceive "not a world in itself, and in this world."

- However, the stress - the scourge of our time. People on the fly into a rage eyes dureyut. In addition, you are talking to an intelligent person position, and the word "intellectual" is again a dirty ...

- Here, much depends on the culture, education. Probably, this situation may affect the theater and cinema. Theatre - to a lesser extent. Because it is less so for the irritability and people go there to have fun. But the movie overexcited. Especially the US, "Action." One sat with a stopwatch and count how many they are the installation plan: 3 seconds! 1, 2, 3 - plan changes. This "bob", when there is a quick change of plans, annoying the viewer - quickens the heartbeat, a man starts to get nervous. Our cinema has always been for the most part spiritual. This made us kinder, wiser, forced to carry people, the audience, some bells. And now is the commercialization of cinema.

- Recently, you often can be seen in the comedy entreprise. It so happened, or this also has the desire to get some positive emotions, to relax?

- It happened. But in general, I like to play character roles. Goody - he in all positive and usually straightforward. And in typical hero you can find thousands of nuances and character to put that in each new situation behaves differently. It is much more interesting. And what causes smehv hall, I think one of the special qualities of energy. Not saying that I do is great, but when I hear laughter in the audience, it charges me. This kind of spark, which charges a "battery". I like to play comedy roles. In addition, a lot of wisdom in the comedy. And the longer the viewer is drawn to her, because comedy is able to divert, delay us from all these social problems, social ills that hang over us constantly. A person can not get rid of them throughout life. Perhaps this and the "charm" of our country, which makes us all the time to be on your toes. And we, the artists, like clowns - go and try to debunk this case, relieve tension, loosen the "nut", which the government draws our people. It tightens them, and we, as criminals, as guerrillas, and unscrew unscrew these "nuts" off the rails! ..