Georgiy Kuznetsov

Picture of Georgiy Kuznetsov

Date of Birth: 04/26/1926

Age: 90

Place of birth: Kostroma

Citizenship: Russia


Born April 26, 1926 in Kostroma. Father - Konstantin Kuznetsov (born 9/30/1892, the.). Mother - Sophia A. Mikhailov (born 7/29/1893, the.). Wife - Kuznetsova Valentina (born 12/30/1927, the.). Daughters - Kuznetsova Elena G. (born 1/28/1953, the.) Kuznetsova Maria G. (born 3/22/1958, the.).

In 1942 he graduated from the eighth grade the second factory-ten-year schools (school number 26 in Kostroma). In 1943 he entered the Kostroma Textile Institute. From November 1943 to July 1944 he served in the Soviet Army as a part of the reserve regiment. After transfer to the reserve he worked as a welder, then a technologist at the Kirov (Chelyabinsk, CTZ) plant (1944-1947.).

In parallel with the work on the plant was in Chelyabinsk Engineering College. In 1947 he entered the Kostroma Textile Institute. In 1952 he graduated with honors and received a mechanical engineer, was appointed chief engineer at Dzhambul jute plant Uzbek SSR, where he worked until 1953. In 1953 he returned to Kostroma and works in the Kostroma State Technological University (formerly the textile, then Institute of Technology) since that time. In 1960 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, and in 1970 - Doctor of Technical Sciences. He passed all stages of scientific and pedagogical activity: Assistant, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty, Professor, Vice-Rector, Head of Department. Currently he is a doctor of technical sciences, professor and consultant of the department "Theory of mechanisms and machines and designing of textile machines" Kostroma State Technological University. The research work of Professor GK Kuznetsova associated with various aspects of the development and operation of textile machinery. It is engaged in the development of machine design for flax stock, his works are devoted to the conditions of capture rolls of textile materials, structural analysis of textile machinery roller mechanisms, the study of random fluctuations in the textile machines. He participated in a new edition of the Encyclopedia Engineering (Volume IV-13, "Machines and equipment for textile and light industry", 1997). Professor GK Kuznetsov has published more than 160 articles in scientific and technical periodicals, collections, abstracts. He is the author of a textbook for textile universities "Designing machines primary processing of bast fibers" (1967), a series of textbooks: "Mechanics of textile machinery roller mechanisms" (1989), "Calculation and design of finishing equipment shafts and rollers" (1992 g) "The design and calculation of rolling machines mechanisms for tissue processing" (1994), "The dynamics of textile machines" (1999), "Mechanics of textile machines in the examples and problems" (2005). For 17 years he was chairman of the regional council of the society "Knowledge" (1973-1990 gg.). Since 1993 - member of the Academy of Technological Sciences, and since 1995 - the supervisor on textile workshop of Mechanical Engineering at the Kostroma State Technological University (Kostroma branch seminar on TMP Institute of Mechanical Engineering). For many years, GK Kuznetsov is a member of the editorial board

"Proceedings of the universities. The technology of the textile industry." Research and teaching activities of Professor GK Kuznetsova received a number of state awards. He is a Knight of the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1971), the Order "Badge of Honor" (1986), awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." (1946). He was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation" (1994), Honorary Professor of Ivanovo State Textile Academy (1994), Honorary Worker of Russian Higher Education (1996), Honorary Professor of the Kostroma State Technological University ( 1996) and Honorary doctor of the Moscow state textile University named after AN Kosygin (2004). Since 2003, GK Kuznetsov - Honorary citizen of Kostroma. In young and middle age he was fond of water and motor tourism. He likes classical literature of the XIX century, the works of Russian and Soviet writers. AM Gorky, Bondarev, D. Granik, V. Solouhin. Musical preferences: classical and piano music.

Lives and works in the city of Kostroma.

Address: Russia, 156005, Kostroma, ul. Dzerzhinsky, d. 17, Kostroma State Technological University, Department of "Theory of mechanisms and machines and designing of textile machines." Phone: + 7- (4942) 31-48-14.